‘Counting On’: Fans Are Literally Begging Jana Duggar to Break Family Rules and Move to California Already

Everyone knows that Duggar kids aren’t allowed to move out of the family home until they’re married. While mainstream society has embraced the concept of young adults living on their own and unmarried couples cohabitating, Duggars have stricter, more old-school rules to discourage promiscuity and other sins against their strict religious beliefs.

This doesn’t usually affect the kids much since they all get married young — like in their late teens or early twenties. But there is one famous exception to this rule. The eldest Duggar daughter Jana is still unwed and therefore still living at home with her parents. And that’s making fans increasingly uncomfortable since she’s a 29-year-old woman.

Now Jana’s Instagram is inspiring even more dreaming from the fans. To be more specific, they’re begging Jana to break Duggar protocol and move to California on her own.

Jana has been posting snaps of her LA vacation on Instagram

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Found my store!

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Though Jana has been obedient to the extensive rules so far, she does do a few things that might raise eyebrows amongst her strictest family members. Joining Instagram is one of them.

Duggar fans flipped out when Jana joined Instagram a few months ago, expecting that it meant she’d be announcing a courtship soon. No other single Duggar daughters joined the social media platform when they were single and all share joint accounts with their husbands.

So far, the move hasn’t proven Jana is getting married soon. But it is giving fans a deeper glimpse into her life, including a highly intriguing vacation to visit her sister Jinger in Los Angeles.

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Farmers Market

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She looks so relaxed and happy in California

Jana has only shared a few photos of herself exploring Los Angeles, but the images are inspiring a huge reaction from her many fans. “I think you belong in CA. You look so happy and relaxed, as though you have been waiting your whole life to be a California girl,” one person commented, and they weren’t the only one.

“You look like you’re really enjoying yourself!” another one said.

“Stay in California!!!!” echoed a third. “You look so happy. Love your California look, too. GO JANA.”

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Horsing around

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Jana probably won’t move to California anytime soon

Despite her happy vacation vibes, there’s little chance of Jana making a solo move to California anytime soon. For one thing, she doesn’t have a college degree or any significant work experience and the cost of living on the coast is much higher than in her native Arkansas. Also, the only person Jana knows there is her sister Jinger. It would be a huge change to go from living in the Duggar house to living alone in a whole different state.

Vacations are lovely, but there’s no reason to think Jana Duggar will abandon her family and responsibilities to become a full-time California girl. However, this little getaway could inspire Jana to start looking for a suitor who would be willing to make the big move with her! Clearly, she feels right at home in Los Angeles.