‘Counting On’ Fans Are Now Irritated With Jana Duggar’s Instagram — Here’s Why

The Duggars have been our TV screens for years, and since the very beginning, fans have selected their favorites. Jana Duggar, the oldest Duggar daughter, has proven to have a solid head on her shoulders and still lives in Jim Bob and Michelle’s home at 29 years old. While her younger siblings are busily courting, marrying, and starting families, Jana’s patiently waiting for the right man to come along and doing meaningful work in the mean time, which is something many Counting On fans can relate to.

Even Jana can brush some fans the wrong way from time to time, however. And it seems some of her recent Instagram activity is causing some fans to leave a few unsavory comments. Here’s what’s going on.

The Duggar women are posting their sponsorships all over their Instagrams

Fans of the Duggar family know by now that they believe the men should be the ones getting jobs and the women should take care of the family and the home. It’d be incredibly rare to see Jill, Jessa, or Jinger with a job that requires them regularly leaving the house, for example — but that doesn’t mean they haven’t found other creative ways to make money. While Jessa and Jinger make plenty of income from Counting On, fans have noticed that Jill, who’s no longer allowed on the show due to her husband’s controversies, is constantly posting sponsored content to Instagram.

Jill adds cute photos of her kids to her Instagram, but the bulk of her content has become promotional material for her recipes and the clothing companies that sponsor her. Fans have really taken notice, too. And while some have taken to asking Jill about the clothes, others have shut her out completely because of her attempts at making an extra dollar.

Fans are already showing their concern that Jana may adopt the same habit

Many of the Duggar ladies started Instagram once they were married, and none of us expected Jana to get one given her single status. Back in January, she surprised everyone by starting her own, however — and while it sparked courtship rumors, fans were just excited to see that their favorite Duggar was now posting photos of her life on the ‘gram.

One recent post has some up in arms, however. Jana posted a photo of her smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe — and some of her followers took this as a precursor that she, too, would become invested in sponsored content. “Jana you are my favourite Duggar but it seems you, along with your sisters, have gone down the ‘Instagram for product promotion and possible revenue stream’ path,” one person commented. “I joined your Insta to find out more about you but it just seems to be promotions for particular cars, clothes, drinks and hardware stores. … Please share something real.”

Is Jana following in Jill’s footsteps?

Jana’s Instagram still doesn’t have too much content considering how recently she started it. And while the Tropical Smoothie Cafe post is totally excusable for some fans (perhaps she just wanted to share a healthy snack, as she claimed in the caption of the post), we see that she’s also partnered with Citrus & Lemon just like Jill. “Hey Friends! I’ve been loving my new dresses from @citrusandlemon and am excited to do a giveaway with them!” Jana wrote.

Some fans seemed supportive of Jana’s partnership, but others called her out. As one fan commented, “using social Media to make some money, I guess a job is a job!” And another added, “Wow still not married enjoy your time.”

No matter how Jana is earning her money nowadays, it’s clear she’s still a fan favorite. And she may get flack from fans for posting sponsored content, but most are glad she joined the social media ranks so we can all get a peek inside of her life at home.

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