‘Counting On’ Fans Are Obsessed With Jana Duggar’s Low-Key Summer Style on Instagram

There are plenty of Duggars to choose from when trying to decide on a favorite. With 19 kids in the family, fans have long debated who wins the prize for prettiest, sweetest, most annoying, and yes, most “normal.” Over the years, Jana Duggar is slowly becoming the one that Counting On fans consider the most fashionable. And the one who’s least afraid to be herself.

Having a personal Instagram that’s not joint with her spouse is Jana Duggar’s first rebellious act. But there’s a good reason for it — even though she’s 29, Jana is still single and isn’t even courting anyone right now (that we know of). But here’s the most shocking thing of all: Jana Duggar seems totally content to just live her life, tending to her beloved plants and helping her parents around the house. Plus, she looks so fashionable while doing it.

Fans are impressed by Jana Duggar’s fashion sense

Jana Duggar’s most recent photo upload on Instagram had fans tripping over themselves to applaud her look. The image shows Jana standing in nature wearing a breezy, summer dress that’s somehow both modest enough to adhere to strict religious standards plus fashionable enough to get tons of compliments.

“Gorgeous girl! Gorgeous dress!!” one fan gushed, while another demanded to know where she can copy the idea. “I am crazy about your outfit! Where can I get that dress?” they asked.

Even her sister-in-law Anna Duggar had kind words for Jana. “So classy!” she said.

Fans are eagerly awaiting a courtship announcement from Jana Duggar

Though Jana Duggar seems totally at ease and content with life as it is, that hasn’t stopped Counting On fans from speculating on her romantic future. Rumors of a courtship with family friend Lawson Bates have been circulating for months, though he denied them outright. Still, people seem especially excited to see Jana find the love of her life.

Jana’s twin brother John David was also a bit of a late bloomer and didn’t get married to Abbie Burnett until November 2018. But now especially since he settled down and wed, fans seem anxious to see the same for Jana.

Jana Duggar still lives at home

One slightly unique thing about Jana Duggar is that she’s still living at home with her parents since she’s unmarried. This may seem strange by modern standards, but it’s just the way they do things in the Duggar household.

There are ridiculous rumors about Jana’s father Jim Bob “holding her hostage,” but it seems more likely that Jana is happy to live at home until she chooses a life partner. Or decides to live as a single forever, which is also a possibility.

Duggar fans seem torn on this issue. On one hand, they advocate for Jana to grow up and move on. “She is nearly 30. Her parents are controlling her life. Enjoy life. God gave you free will. If she has a life outside her parents. If they raised her well. She won’t get into wild dancing, kisses boys, or having a life outside of making babies. I hope she takes a leap of faith, and has a life [sic],” one commenter mused.

But if Jana is happy at home, not paying rent or utilities, then who are we to judge?