‘Counting On’: Fans Are Pretty Sure This Duggar Will Announce a Pregnancy Next

The Duggar family had a massive baby boom in 2019. Over the course of seven months, the family welcomed six children into the fold. Several couples became first-time parents, while others added to their already expanding families. All has seemingly gone quiet on the baby front since the January 2020 birth of Grace Annette,  but that doesn’t mean someone isn’t expecting another child already. In fact, fans have a few theories about who may be bringing a new child into the world in 2020.

How many Duggar grandchildren were born in 2019?

Jessa Duggar was the first Duggar to welcome a new baby in 2019. She gave birth to Ivy Jane on May 26. In July 2019, Joy-Anna Duggar, who was expecting her second child, announced she suffered a late-term miscarriage. Joy-Anna, and her husband, Austin Forsyth, named their daughter Annabel.

In October 2019, Amy Duggar announced the arrival of her first child, Daxton Ryan, with her husband, Dillon King. The rebellious Duggar cousin has documented the first several months of her son’s life on Instagram. The following month, the Duggar family welcomed several more new babies.

Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar announced the birth of their second child, Addison, on Nov. 4. Just a few days later, Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar welcomed their first daughter, Bella, after suffering an early miscarriage the year before. November brought one more grandchild to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Josh and Anna Duggar’s sixth child, a girl, named Maryella, arrived the day before Thanksgiving.

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The Duggar family kicked off 2020 with yet another new baby. Abbie Burnett, who married John David Duggar in November 2018, announced the arrival of their daughter, Grace Annette, in January 2020. She was the last known Duggar pregnancy, and things have gone quiet for the family. That doesn’t mean someone isn’t expecting, though.

Fans expect Joy-Anna Duggar might be pregnant

Joy-Anna and Austin suffered a huge loss in July when they suffered a late-term miscarriage. After the loss of Annabel, Joy-Anna insisted that she and her husband were taking it easy and giving her body time to heal. According to Forbes, a woman should wait for at least three cycles before conceiving after a miscarriage. It is believed that giving the body time to regulate itself reduces the risk of suffering another miscarriage.

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Fans are convinced that Joy-Anna is currently pregnant, but they believe she is unlikely to announce an upcoming child until she’s further along. Joy-Anna announced both of her previous pregnancies relatively early. She announced her second pregnancy on May 1, 2019. She miscarried at 20-weeks at the beginning of July, meaning she made the announcement when she was just two months along. She announced her first pregnancy, with the couple’s son, Gideon, in August 2017. Joy-Anna and Austin welcomed their son in February 2018.

So, what leads fans to believe she’s expecting? The 22-year-old has avoided any pictures from the waist down since December 2019. Joy-Anna tends to show relatively early, noted several fans, which has led many to believe she’s hiding a baby bump.

Some fans believe Jinger will announce a second pregnancy soon

While Joy-Anna is a favorite bet for the next Duggar pregnancy announcement, some fans believe Jinger will be the next Duggar girl to announce a pregnancy. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Jinger is now the mother of one. She and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, bucked tradition by waiting more than a year after their wedding to announce a pregnancy. While that might mean they are planning to space their children out, it’s equally possible that they are expecting right now.

The couple welcomed their first child in July 2018, and while they’ve made some pretty significant life changes in recent months, they have not announced the arrival of a second child. Jinger’s Instagram feed, however, has made some fans believe she’s expecting. The mother of one has referenced baking several times and appears to be hiding a bit of a bump in recent photos. Jinger waited until she passed the first trimester of her pregnancy to announce the news to fans, so it’s likely she’d do the same this time around, too.