‘Counting On’: Fans Are Questioning Jill Duggar’s Parenting Again

What do you do when your child gets into hijinx? Do you discipline them accordingly or do you post the incident to Instagram for the world to see and judge? Jill Duggar seems to take the latter approach when it comes to her two boys. Israel, 4, and Sam,2, appear to be high-spirited boys with a ton of energy, but their mischievous natures have seemingly led to some questionable parenting decisions. Followers of the former Counting On star are particularly concerned about a recent string of bathroom antics from Jill’s youngest son.

Why do Jill’s kids spend so much time unattended in the bathroom?

Fans don’t always find Jill’s stories about her two children amusing. That’s nothing new, but now, followers are calling into question why her youngest child seems to be left unattended so often in the family’s restroom. On Nov. 18, Jill posted to Instagram twice to indicate that Sam, got into trouble while hanging out in the bathroom.  

First, Jill pointed out that the youngster drank some toilet water while left to his own devices. A few hours later, she shared a snapshot of Sam sitting in front of the toilet bowl holding a toilet paper tube. She claims the mischievous boy unrolled an entire roll of paper into the toilet bowl so he could get to the cardboard tube. Followers are left wondering why the family’s youngest child is left alone in the bathroom for so long.

Is Jill just not paying attention, or does she believe the kids should have the run of the house? It’s hard to ascertain from her posts, but it’s safe to say that a two-year-old child would need more than a couple of minutes to unravel an entire roll of toilet paper. While his penchant for cardboard tubing is a bit funny, followers are really concerned with the toilet water incident.

Jill’s son apparently enjoys toilet water

Jill’s youngest son decided to take a little break in the bathroom with his cereal. To make sure everything was nice and moist, the two-year-old boy chose to give his food a dip in the toilet before he continued consuming it. Jill and fans were rightfully grossed out, but while Jill seemed to let the incident go as an odd thing her boy did, fans were less willing to forgive and forget.

There is a reason why one should not ingest toilet water. While there are very fewer answers about what will happen to humans if they drink toilet water, PetMD notes that most veterinarians are not even okay with the idea of pets drinking from the porcelain throne. Not only is a toilet bowl often packed with parasites and bacteria, like giardia and E.coli, but toilet water may also contain trace chemicals. Consider all of the products that are used to rid a toilet of bacteria, and you can understand how some trace chemicals may remain even after you’ve flushed.

This isn’t the first time Jill’s parenting has raised eyebrows

Jill has chosen to document life with her kids on Instagram, and in doing so she’s opened herself up to a ton of criticism. Some followers have pointed out that Jill doesn’t seem to be enjoying motherhood all that much, and there are several moments were her children appear to be left unattended.

Back in October 2019, followers were concerned to see that Jill’s kids had gotten into the charcoal the family uses for their BBQ grill. Missouri Poison Control notes that while the briquettes are not toxic in small amounts, they do pose a choking hazard for small children. A few weeks later, Jill shared a snapshot of her young son standing on a garbage can to access Bananas that were stored in a shelf hanging on the wall. Followers were concerned that the youngster could fall and even rip the shelf off the wall in the process.