‘Counting On’: Fans are Starting to Feel Bad for Jill Duggar

Fans have long been annoyed with Jill and Derick Dillard, but their fury is quickly turning to pity, at least for Jill. As her siblings grow up, move on and get the things they’ve most desired, Jill seems stuck in a life that just isn’t turning out the way she planned. While the former reality star is trying to put on a happy face and act like everything is coming up roses, fans secretly think Jill is unhappy in her life, and they are starting to feel really bad for her.

Fans think Jill can’t have any more kids

Jill Duggar, of all the Duggar sisters, seemed to be the most open to the idea of having a large family, but the 27-year-old mother of two doesn’t look like she’ll be getting the chance to grow a super-sized family. While Jill quickly fell pregnant following her wedding, her delivery was anything but routine. In fact, Duggar was rushed into an emergency c-section after a very long labor.

Jill Duggar
Jill Duggar . (Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra)

Her second pregnancy didn’t fare much better. The couple’s second child was born via c-section in 2017. Samuel Scott Dillard then spent two weeks in the NICU following his emergency entrance into the world. The family has never commented on exactly what caused Sam’s lengthy hospital stay, but there have been no new babies on the horizon for the couple since. Fans surmise that Jill can no longer have children, or it was strongly suggested she prevent future pregnancies.

While the family allegedly plans to adopt in the future, it still seems like a harsh blow for the Arkansas native who was raised to believe she should birth as many children as possible. Neither Derick nor Jill have commented on their fertility.

Fans were dismayed at Derick’s suggestion that he settled

While the pair appear as a united front on Instagram, some of Derick Dillard’s commentary on love and marriage have left fans feeling sad for Jill. Derick took to the family’s blog to wax pessimistic about finding “the one.” The man who married Jill in 2014 advised his readers to not wait for the ‘the one,’ lest they die single.

While some of his words were sweet, the majority of his musing left fans feeling like he basically told the world that he proposed and married Jill so that he wouldn’t die alone. While there are all different reasons to get married, dragging your partner through life, so someone is there when you die is perhaps the most unromantic.

Jill is being forced to carry the full financial load

Derick sure seemed like a catch when he first appeared on 19 Kids and Counting. Fans were excited that the college-educated Dillard could whisk Jill away to a new, more liberal life, but that didn’t happen. Dillard, in short order, married Jill, started a family, quit his job, dragged his wife and child to a dangerous part of the world, and then drifted through life until he got the family axed from their only source of income.

Now, Jill is expected to pick up the slack and keep the family afloat while Derick pursues law school. While education is never a bad idea, Dillard’s decision to take on law school now, especially with the loss of the show’s income is indeed an interesting choice. Being an internet influencer while her husband is unemployed is probably not what Jill had envisioned for her life.

Jill’s siblings are living the good life

Jinger Duggar is being whisked away to Los Angeles to live the cosmopolitan life she always dreamed of. Jessa Duggar has a doting husband and a seemingly uncomplicated existence. Joy-Anna Duggar has been given the opportunity to get her hands a little dirty with husband Austin Forsyth and the couple’s house flipping business. John has flourished socially with Abbie Burnett by his side, but Jill is stuck with a man who pretty much ruined her life. He pulled her reality show out from under her, and if rumors are to be believed got the family excommunicated from the Duggar compound.

While some may wonder why Jill hasn’t just upped and left the man she married; it’s just not that simple. The ultra-conservative Christian is unlikely to consider divorce even in the worst of circumstances, so she’s permanently stuck with Dillard as he drifts through life, dragging his family around with him. Maybe law school will help Dillard mature; perhaps he’ll become a legendary litigator. Time will only tell, but for now, Jill is stuck in a rut and fans are starting to feel for her.