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The Duggars have been on TV for years — and now that many of the 19 children we started off watching over a decade ago are featured on Counting On, we’re still plenty involved in their lives. Fans certainly all have different favorite family members, but Jinger Duggar continues to surprise us all. Not only did she recently move to Los Angeles, California, with husband Jeremy Vuolo and their daughter, but she’s also becoming a total fashionista and living her best life while out west.

Duggar shares some of her favorite moments in her new city on her Instagram. And she also recently posted a photo of her and Vuolo with a heartfelt message. While it was all very sweet, fans are wondering if she’s overcompensating for something lacking in her marriage.

Jinger Duggar noted before she never thought Jeremy Vuolo would like her

Duggar and Vuolo seemingly have one of the healthiest and down-to-earth relationships of any of the Duggar kids. And while they seem perfect for each other, it turns out Duggar didn’t think Vuolo would have any interest in her at first. She told Jeremy and Audrey Roloff on the “Behind the Scenes” podcast, “I knew he was an awesome, awesome guy, but I was like ‘he’d never be interested in me, that’s for sure.’” Luckily, after she and Vuolo went on a mission trip together, she saw the spark and knew he was the right man for her.

It turns out Vuolo had a similar experience with Duggar, too. As he told the podcast, “She says, ‘Well, he would never be interested in me,’ and I reciprocated that. I thought, ‘She’s never going to be interested in me’ … but I believe in a big God who can change hearts so I thought I’d pray anyway.” It turned out perfectly for the two of them, too, as they seem genuinely happy to be with each other (even if their full-frontal hugging prior to marriage raised some Duggar eyebrows).

The couple posts about each other all the time on social media

It’s clear Duggar and Vuolo have a sweet love story, but they also are unafraid to share their feelings about each other on social media. Duggar’s Instagram frequently features photos of Vuolo with their daughter accompanied by captions of love and adoration. And Vuolo’s Instagram isn’t much different. In this post, Vuolo even called Jinger one of the “godliest women” he knows and thanks her for being such an inspirational mother to Felicity.

Duggar’s recent post about Vuolo also sparked a lot of attention. “God has been so kind in giving me the most incredible husband in the world! I don’t have enough words to describe how much I love & adore him. He is selfless, kind, fun, caring, humorous sensitive, strong, loving, compassionate, always serving his family, and loving Christ supremely,” she captioned the post. And many fans flocked to the comments to write about how wonderful and strong their bond seems to be.

Some fans think something’s off about Duggar’s recent praising of Vuolo

Despite the sweet message Duggar recently wrote in honor of her husband, fans aren’t so sure it was necessary. Even more than that, they’re starting to wonder if something’s amiss and Duggar is overcompensating with such a post. “Usually when people (women) fish like this on social media they are overcompensating … Jinger spends a lot of time convincing herself and others that her life is so godly and god given and god blessed and god centred etc etc [sic],” a Reddit user commented. And many others seemed to agree.

“I agree. I mean I can maybe see a post like that every now and again but she’s constantly doing this [sic],” another Reddit user commented. Yet another wrote, “Yep. Happy couples don’t bend over backwards on social media to tell people how happy they are.” Others seem to think her overly-loving post might serve as a message to her friends and family who were concerned over her move to California. “And, if stemming from any place of negativity, it’s convincing her family that she’s not ‘being led astray’ or whatever in the evil liberal city of LA,” a Reddit user wrote.

We’re hoping everything’s actually great in Duggar and Vuolo’s marriage and she isn’t overcompensating for any negativity after all!

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