‘Counting On’ Fans Are Warning Jinger Duggar That She Could Be Harming Her Daughter After This Instagram Post

The Duggars have been on our radar for years thanks to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar introducing their kids on 19 Kids and Counting. And while many remember their oldest kids as just being in their teens or early 20s, all of the Duggar children are growing up fast. Today, we can watch them on TLC’s Counting On, though not all of them — namely, Jinger — are in Arkansas anymore.

Jinger Duggar has long been a fan favorite, as many suspected she would be the one to break the household rules and go her own way. While she’s still quite close with her family, it’s clear she’s the adventurer. She recently moved out to California with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and her daughter, Felicity. While fans love seeing how Jinger’s raising her daughter, it seems they have some concerns. And they took to her latest Instagram post to express them.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo recently moved her daughter to California

It’s an exciting time for Jinger and Jeremy. They announced on their blog back in March that they were relocating to Los Angeles, California, from Laredo, Texas, so Jeremy could pursue graduate studies at The Master’s Seminary. And they’ve since successfully made the journey to the west coast with their daughter who’s just 1 year old. Jinger has kept fans informed on her whereabouts via Instagram and what she’s up to now that she’s in the bustling city — but that hasn’t stopped her followers from showing their concern.

As one of her followers commented on this photo of Felicity, “California is a terrible place to raise a child.” And another wrote, “Why LA! Most importantly, why California! Born and raised in California and my family and I couldn’t get out fast enough! No place to raise a family! Hopefully it’s not a permanent move!” Despite the critique, Jinger, Jeremy, and Felicity look like they’re truly thriving.

Fans criticized them for their parenting before

It’s not just the move that has fans up in arms. Jinger and Jeremy’s followers have also been keeping a close eye on how they’re raising their daughter. Recently, they seemed to take issue with what the parents were feeding Felicity. Jeremy posted this sweet photo of their year-old daughter eating ribs, and one follower commented, “Please think about that animal that was badly beaten in the face then shot, so you could post a picture of your daughter on Instagram eating ribs.” Many others echoed the same sentiment.

Not only that, but many are wondering if Jinger will lighten up on the rules she grew up with and allow Felicity to pursue her passions instead of just marriage and kids. Jinger posted this photo of Felicity “playing” soccer with the caption, “It looks like she wants to be a goalkeeper like her daddy.” While many were excited at the idea of a Duggar grandchild pursuing a career in professional sports one day, others threw subtle shade. “Nothing wrong with sports, just hard to play soccer in a skirt,” a follower commented.

Jinger’s latest post has fans concerned over the way her daughter sits

The parenting police are at it again and commenting on this photo posted by Jinger of Felicity playing with a new toy. “Can you see the determination in her face? Felicity has been playing with this toy for 10 minutes straight. It can be tough at this stage to find anything that will keep a one year old entertained for more than just a few seconds. This toy is a TOTAL WIN,” the happy mom captioned the photo. Unfortunately, many took issue with Felicity’s sitting stance.

“So cute! But try not to let her ‘w’ sit. Sitting like that could possibly cause her to have hip and leg muscle issues later in life,” a fan commented. Another added, “Please do not let her w sit. My daughters legs are permanently curved due to w sitting.” Yet another added, “Watch her sitting that way to often, my cousins son did and it messed up his hips.”

Many others want Jinger’s followers to mind their own business, so we’ll see if she ultimately takes this advice. Either way, it looks like little Felicity is thriving in her new home!

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