‘Counting On’: Fans Are Wondering Why the Dillard Family Only Has One Car

Jill Duggar outraged fans when she posted a video of her youngest son, Sam, crying in the car. Apparently, the window on the family car jammed. To get to church, Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, tapped the window with a garbage bag and went on their way. Allegedly, the noise terrified the toddler, according to OK! Magazine. While many fans were bothered by the fact that Jill would choose to film her crying child, others have questioned if the Dillards only have one car, and more importantly, why that might be. 

Does the Dillard family only have one car?

Jill’s video that featured the family vehicle has all but confirmed that the family of four subsists with just one vehicle. The car with the taped-up window, which they insisted would be getting fixed soon, appears to be the only car the family has to drive around. If they had a second one, they likely would have piled into their other option to hit the road to worship.

While sharing a car isn’t exactly strange, it has led to some serious questions about what is going on in the Dillard household. Considering the family lives in an area where public transit isn’t expansive, it’s likely that one adult is regularly stuck without the ability to travel far regularly.

Why is Jill going carless when her family owns a car lot?

The lack of a second vehicle could indicate trouble between the Dillard family and the Duggars. There have been rumors swirling that a rift exists between Jill and her parents ever since Derick got the family booted from Counting On. In fact, Reddit fans note that the mother of two seems to show up at the Duggar family compound rarely. While a married child doesn’t need to be in their parents’ home constantly, fans find it strange; considering the fact that many of her siblings remain at home, and several visit often, Jill’s absence might indicate a problem.

Because the Duggar family owns multiple car lots it should be easy enough for Jill to pick up a second family car, one that would allow both her and Derick easier movement around their community. Reddit fans point out that the lack of a second family car could hint at familial strife. The lack of a second vehicle added to the fact that none of the Duggar family members were on hand to help the family move into their new home could be evidence of a rift. 

Are the Dillards in financial trouble?

If Jill and Derick have opted to be a one-car household, the pair may be having financial trouble. Fans have long questioned how the couple is paying for their lifestyle now that they no longer appear on Counting On. Derick, who is currently enrolled in Law School, does not seem to be working. His wife, Jill, who has been taught from an early age that women should not work outside the home, appears to be floating the family. She’s doing so with a blog and sponsored social media posts. 

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Derick decided to answer fans when questioned about his finances. He insists simple budgeting helps the family survive. Cutting a second car could be an easy way to save some cash, but it might also indicate that their financial situation isn’t nearly as peachy as Derick and Jill have made it out to be.