‘Counting On’: Fans Are Worried Jinger Duggar is too Obsessed With Her Husband For This One Reason

Jinger Duggar is seemingly living her very best life with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and young daughter, Felicity. She has long since traded in her family’s Arkansas compound for a more cosmopolitan existence in Los Angeles. She’s also upgraded her wardrobe. Gone are the tattered denim skirts. Jeans and fitted tees have replaced them. While all of the changes for Jinger are exciting, fans have noticed that they may have come at a cost. The reality TV star is seemingly a bit too obsessed with her husband, and more importantly, her status as a wife.

Jinger’s Livestream left fans feeling weird

Jinger and Jeremy have taken to offering Instagram Live videos for their fans. During the Livestream, the young couple answer questions posed by fans. Most of the questions were relaxed and light-hearted, but fans were stopped dead in their tracks by one of Jinger’s answers. The mother of one was asked what she liked most about her young daughter.

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I love being her mom.

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Jinger’s response wasn’t what fans were expecting. Most fans expected a generic answer about the toddler’s smile or her curiosity. That wasn’t what Jinger went with, however. The reality TV star stated that she loved that Jeremy was Felicity’s father. That was the end of the answer. She did not elaborate or add anything personal about the child. Fans were bothered by the statement, and several Reddit users have suggested that perhaps Jinger is a little too obsessed with her husband.

Jinger’s odd answer to a fan question might have been the most recent indication that her relationship is a bit lopsided, but it’s far from the first. Ever since the 25-year-old married Jeremy back in 2016, fans have noticed just how obsessed Jinger is with her status as the wife of Jeremy.

Jinger’s interests seem to align too well with Jeremy’s interest

Long before Jeremy and Jinger took to Instagram to answer fan questions, eagle-eyed viewers noticed severe changes in Jinger’s interests. The moment she married Jeremy, Jinger appeared to take a serious interest in soccer. Jeremy, a pastor, and student, previously played professional soccer before settling down with Jinger.

Jinger has also added an intense love of reading to the list of her interests, something that didn’t seem to engulf her being when she was single. Admittedly, it’s possible that Jinger always had an interest in reading and soccer but never voiced them. Fans, however, think the TV personality has chosen to align closely with her husband because she’s obsessed with him.

Jinger was programmed to be this way

Jinger’s obsession with Jeremy and portraying a perfect family life isn’t all that odd when you consider her upbringing. The Duggar girls are taught, from a young age, that they are born to be obedient, joyfully available, and loving towards their husband. The family’s controversial Christian ministry strictly forbids women from working outside the home, and the family believes in a patriarchal society.

Jinger’s unwavering desire to make Jeremy happy isn’t all that surprising when you think about it. While many fans questioned Jeremy’s intentions when he married Jinger, it’s clear he’s providing a perfectly comfortable life for his young family. If Jinger is cool with it, fans should be cool with it, too.