‘Counting On’ Fans Are Yelling at Derick Dillard on Instagram for Letting His Sons Eat So Much Sugar

From Josh Duggar’s scandals in the past to Jinger Duggar’s bold move out west, we’ve all heard of the Duggar family at one point or another. And while we can still watch many of our favorite family members on TLC’s Counting On, there are a few fan favorites missing. And one of them is Jill Duggar.

Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, are no longer associated with TLC due to Derick’s transphobic tweets against Jazz Jennings. Despite plenty of negative press over the years, they still maintain a hefty following on social media. Unfortunately, Derick frequently misses the mark with his followers — and a recent post about feeding his sons sweets is no exception.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are already preparing for the holidays

It’s officially the holiday season, and that means the Duggars are all coming together for parties, festivities, and tons of fun. The family already had their annual Thanksgiving feast at the Duggar family household, and it looks like friends, family, and guests from all over were invited. A few famous Duggars didn’t go, however — and Jill and Derick, along with their kids, Samuel and Israel, were among them.

Jill posted a photo to Instagram showing her and Derick with a few friends for “Friendsgiving.” There have been plenty of rumors suggesting Derick doesn’t get along with the Duggars, causing a family rift — and the Friendsgiving post seems to support that theory.

Even if there is a rift, Jill and Derick don’t seem down about it. Derick posted photos of their kids making gingerbread houses, so it’s clear they’re preparing for more holiday fun with or without the rest of Jill’s family.

Derick’s followers are concerned over his sons’ teeth

It’s nice to see Derick spending quality time with Israel, 4, and Samuel, 2, as they prep for the holidays. And it looks like the gingerbread houses his sons made (and ate) were a gift from his mother.

“While I was studying, Israel and Sam came in to show me their gingerbread houses they had made,” Derick captioned his holiday post. “Sam had already chowed down on his before I could get a pic, so I think he may be holding the roof, a door, or one of the walls… thanks @cldilla ‘Mima’ for the fun (and tasty) gifts!”

While the photos are cute, Derick’s followers scolded him for how Israel’s teeth appear.

“Quit feeding him sweets and do something about his horrible teeth. That’s a disgrace!” one follower commented.

“Im trying to be kind here about Israel’s teeth. If you cant afford or dont want him to go to a dentist then please call the nearest college to you that offers dental courses and ask about free cleaning that the students do for practice,” another wrote.

This isn’t the first time fans have voiced their concerns

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Jill and Derick’s followers have expressed their concern over Samuel and Israel’s teeth in the past. And we can’t forget the backlash Jill received when she posted about giving her kids toothbrushes as a “reward.”

“Shopping with the boys for Israel’s new toothbrush and toothpaste reward he earned after he finished a school book,” Jill captioned a post. And her followers were not happy.

“Why on earth would you use basic hygiene stuff as an award? That’s something you teach a child to use everyday for the rest of his life,” one fan commented.

“Poor kids. Look at those rolled up jeans… And hygiene as a reward? Looks like they need it,” another wrote.

We know the Duggars take their oral care very seriously, so we’re sure if the boys really did need major dental work, Jill and Derick would take care of it. For now, we’re excited to see more of the Dillard’s holiday plans and if they spend much time with Jill’s side of the family.

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