‘Counting On’: Fans Believe Michelle Duggar Just Aired The Duggar Family’s Dirty Laundry

The legal fate of the Duggar family remains up in the air. While several publications have alleged the Department of Homeland Security paid a visit to the Duggar family over a criminal investigation, the family has vehemently denied all allegations. While they’ve been more outspoken about this particular rumor than they’ve ever been about stories in the past, critics aren’t buying it. In fact,  many followers believe Michelle Duggar may have accidentally spilled the beans on the latest family scandal.

Michelle Duggar’s Instagram post has fans talking

The Duggars may be denying all allegations, but fans are reading into just about everything that has been posted in the days since the rumors of a federal investigation first surfaced. A recent video shared on Instagram shows Michelle babysitting Joy-Anna Duggar’s young son, Gideon. The caption reads that they are “getting back into the swing of things,” which seems a bit ominous.

Rumors of a federal investigation were buoyed over the weekend when videos surfaced of an incredibly quiet Duggar property. Several locals noted that the family’s estate is generally packed with cars, but over the weekend it was mostly deserted. Followers are left wondering what had thrown Michelle off her game enough that she had to get back in the “swing” of things.

Theoretically, she could be referring to the act of babysitting a toddler, but that doesn’t seem likely. There are a plethora of toddler grandchildren that Michelle and Jim Bob seem to spend time with routinely. Jinger, Joy-Anna, Jill, Jessa, Joseph, and Josiah all have children aged two and under.  Could she be referring to the family being forced out of their home? Some followers believe so.

It seems like Michelle was alluding to trouble

It’s hard to tell what Michelle was talking about in her Instagram post, but critics are filing the admission under suspicious. The Instagram post is the latest piece of evidence in a long list of odd behaviors that fans are using to try to suss out the family’s current legal standing.

Meanwhile, an agent for the Department of Homeland Security has absolutely confirmed the agency was present at the family’s property. He stopped short of sharing the exact nature of the investigation, though. According to KNWA, Bryan Cox, a spokesman for Homeland Security Investigations, stated that he could confirm their presence, but could not confirm whom they were investigating. Allegedly, they visited the 14000-block of Wildcat Creek Road in Springdale, Arkansas. While the area is mostly rural, it is home to one of the Duggar family’s car lots.

Cox told the news station that he could not share the name of the individuals being investigated because no criminal charges had been filed yet. One can assume that if or when charges are filed, more information will be released. It’s possible that the Duggar family is hedging their bets and are merely expecting that charges will not be filed. If they aren’t, then fans likely will never know what was going on at the family’s compound. If charges are filed, well, the Duggar family will have more to worry about than what their former fans think of them.

This wouldn’t be the first time Michelle has spilled the beans

Jim Bob Duggar might be known for his media prowess, but Michelle doesn’t seem to be as well-versed in keeping a secret. The mother of 19 has spilled the beans on family secrets more than once. In fact, she accidentally gave away an upcoming pregnancy in a blog post earlier in the year. In the post, Michelle inaccurately counted up her grandchildren, adding a couple of digits to the number of kids that were known to fans.  

Michelle Duggar speaks during a panel discussion before promoting the book "A Love That Multiplies"
Michelle Duggar | Kris Connor/Getty Images

Some fans assumed Michelle had just gotten confused; after all, they surmised, there are a lot of Duggar kids to keep track of. What really happened, though, is that Michelle accidentally outed pregnancies that had no yet been announced. Additional announcements rolled in shortly after her blog post. Her inability to stay mum in the past might be a good indication that her recent Instagram post does allude to the family’s current legal woes. Unfortunately for fans, she hasn’t yet accidentally told everyone what is happening.