‘Counting On’ Fans Can’t Agree Which Duggar Brother Lauren Caldwell Is Courting

Counting On fans are convinced that Lauren Caldwell is courting a Duggar — they just can’t figure out which one. Over the past year, Lauren has been linked to both Jason Duggar and James Duggar, both of whom are old enough to start courting. So is there any truth to the rumors that Caldwell is looking to become the next member of her family to join the Duggar clan?

Counting On Jason Duggar Lauren Caldwell
‘Counting On’ star Jason Duggar | Photo via Duggar family Instagram

How close are the Caldwells and Duggars?

For Counting On fans who are not aware, Lauren is the younger sister of Kendra Duggar (nee Caldwell), who is married to Joseph Duggar.

Aside from Kendra and Joseph, the Caldwells and the Duggars go way back. In fact, the two families share similar religious beliefs, and there has been some speculation that Jim Bob Duggar and Paul Caldwell arranged Kendra and Joseph’s marriage.

There is little doubt that Kendra and Joseph played a part in their own romance, but it is possible that the fathers brought them together.

As Counting On fans may recall, there were also rumors that Kendra was first interested in Jedidiah Duggar before setting her sights on Joseph. With that in mind, it is not that surprising that Kendra’s sister, Lauren, has found herself wrapped up in similar rumors.

Is Lauren courting a ‘Counting On’ star?

We should make it clear that Lauren is not courting multiple Duggars at the same time. She may be linked to several Counting On stars, but the family still holds pretty strict views when it comes to courting — and being with more than one person is completely out of the question.

That said, it does appear like Lauren is thinking about dating one of the Duggar boys. It is also possible that she cannot figure out which one she wants to pursue.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Lauren was first linked to Jason, but a few months later, reports surfaced that she was sparking up a romance with James. There was also a rumor that Lauren and Josh Duggar were getting together, though that turned out to be a silly typo (can you imagine if that were true?).

The Duggars have not commented on the Lauren situation, but a recent episode of Counting On left fans convinced that Lauren and Jason are a thing.

The courting rumors heat up

During the Counting On special that covered the birth of Kendra and Joseph’s second child, TLC cameras caught what looked like a tender moment between Jason and Lauren.

The two stood very close to each other while they looked at the couple’s adorable baby, and the scene played out a lot more intimate than what fans usually see on Counting On

A couple of weeks after the special, Lauren enjoyed a short cameo on Counting On. Only this time, the cameras caught her placing a hand on James during a baking scene.

For the average person, Lauren’s actions were nothing to write home about. But considering that the Duggars only allow side-hugs when couples are courting, the contact was actually a big deal.

Whatever is happening behind closed doors, it will probably be a long time before we hear anything about a courtship. That said, it would not be a huge shock if the Duggars announced a new relationship as early as 2020.

Lauren fits right in with the Duggars

While we wait to hear more on the courtship front, there is little doubt that Lauren is a perfect match for the Duggars.

Not only do the two families attend the same church in Arkansas, but they also engage in similar activities. Both families, for instance, homeschool their children and have strict rules regarding courting.

Lauren has also appeared on a few episodes of Counting On. Her cameos were mostly as chaperones to Joseph and Kendra, or when the two families come together for public events.

She also appeared as the maid of honor in Kendra and Joseph’s wedding in 2017 and was a bridesmaid when Lauren Swanson tied the knot with Josiah Duggar last year.

Counting On just aired the season 10 finale, but there is little doubt that the Duggars will be back in 2020.