‘Counting On’ Fans Can’t Stand Jill Duggar’s New Dress She’s Sporting on Instagram

Whether you just started watching the Duggar family on Counting On or you’ve been keeping up with them since the early years of 19 Kids and Counting, there’s no doubt the family is just as interesting now as they were years ago. TLC’s Counting On follows many of the older Duggars as they pursue courtships, marriage, and starting their own families. There is one Duggar missing from the show, however — and that’s Jill.

Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard, are no longer welcome on the show due to Derick’s hateful Twitter activity of the past. The two still have a strong social media following, however, and fans still critique Jill heavily for how she chooses to raise her kids and what she chooses to wear. Here’s why they’re slamming her for her latest outfit.

Jill Duggar is constantly posting sponsored content from clothing companies

We’re not exactly sure how Jill and Derick make their money without being on the show (Jill doesn’t work outside of the home and Derick attends law school), but we’re thinking all of Jill’s sponsored content must help. In addition to family updates and photos with her husband and two sons, fans have noticed she posts a lot about a few clothing companies that sponsor her. And it seems she’s also partnered up with her cousin’s clothing line, 3130 Clothing.

Jill has mentioned before that her cousin’s shop is local to her, but she also encourages all of her followers to check out the company’s products online. As for the clothing itself, Jill’s followers have had a lot of opinions, from the nice to the downright ugly. The long dresses Jill often sports are clearly not fan favorites, but her followers did take a liking to the jean and shirt combination as featured in the image above. “The absolute prettiest I’ve seen you. … Great outfit and shoes!!” one fan mentioned.

Fans are slamming her for this large dress

Not every dress is a hit with Jill’s followers, and a recent dress she wore really missed the mark. She posted a photo of herself wearing a loose, knee-length dress that’s also from her cousin’s shop. Unfortunately, it didn’t take her followers long to attack her for the ill-fitting outfit.

“This really is not flattering at all. Sorry, but someone needs to tell you. A belt would help a lot, and those knock off birks are just bad, bad, bad,” one of her followers commented. And another added, “You really need to size down. All of these clothes are way too big for you.” Yet another commented, “To baggy on you Jill!! Looks like a house dress!!”

Others came to her defense, however. As another one of her followers added, “Thank you (and the rest of your family) for staying positive, modest, and conservative in a time where that isn’t what is being shown as “popular” to our children! Y’all are great role models.” And others requested that the haters leave Jill alone, as she can wear whatever she pleases.

Some think Jill could be hiding a baby bump, too

Is there a reason Jill’s dresses are looking less form-fitting than usual? Some fans suspect the mother of two could be pregnant again. Jill posted another recent photo of her that shows her placing a shopping bag right in front of her stomach, which sparked fan speculation as well. “I think someone’s pregnant,” one of her followers commented on the post. And yet another one of her followers added, “I think we might be hearing about one more Duggar is expecting, due in 2020.”

We can’t forget that Anna Duggar, who’s currently pregnant, also sparked fan speculation after posting a throwback Instagram photo of a very-pregnant Jill Duggar. Since so many of the Duggar women are pregnant right now (and Jessa just had her baby), many thought this was a clue that Jill would be next. We’ll have to wait and see if there’s an announcement coming up.

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