‘Counting On’ Fans Come to Joy Duggar’s Defense When Critics Slam Her Response to Her Miscarriage

The Duggars are well known for being one of America’s largest families. Now that some of the older children have grown, they’ve begun to start families of their own. But with so many children come so many pregnancies, and unfortunately, sometimes tragic things happen. Joy Duggar, who was expecting her second child with husband Austin Forsyth, recently announced that she lost her baby at 20 weeks. When some fans slammed Duggar for celebrating her baby’s life in a certain way, other fans came to the reality star’s defense.

Austin and Joy Forsyth
Austin and Joy Forsyth | Austin and Joy Forsyth via Instagram

Duggar and Forsyth recently lost their baby at 20 weeks

While welcoming a new baby is an incredibly joyful experience, it can also turn to tragedy. Statistics suggest that anywhere from 15-25% of recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage, and unfortunately, this happened with Duggar and Forsyth. A couple months back, the two announced they’d be welcoming a child in the fall, alongside other family members Anna, Kendra, and Lauren Duggar. However, Duggar and Forsyth announced in early July that they had tragically lost their baby at 20 weeks. The couple said they went in for a 20-week checkup, and the doctor told them the baby no longer had a heartbeat.

Fans slammed Duggar for getting her hair and makeup done for a photoshoot with the baby

Once Duggar and Forsyth learned they would not be bringing a second baby home, the couple decided they still wanted to celebrate her life. They learned she was a girl and named her Annabell Elise. Duggar got her hair and makeup done and had a photoshoot with the baby. However, some fans felt her decision was distasteful. “I am sorry for your loss… But you had to make this a photo op? [sic] … I don’t understand,” one user wrote. “This feels oddly inappropriate,” another user commented. One user added, “I find it a bit strange that you can have hair and make up [sic] done to pose for photos with your stillborn child.”

Other fans came to Duggar’s defense, saying it’s part of the grieving process

While Duggar received some criticism for her post, others came to her defense, suggesting that she wanted photos with her baby who passed the same way a mother would want photos with her baby who came home healthy. “… If you have never lost a baby, you don’t get an opinion,” one user wrote, defending Duggar’s decision to have the photoshoot. “This is all part of Joy & Austin’s grieving process… Who are you to tell someone how necessary or unnecessary a photo is?” another user added. People also told stories of losing their own children and explained that photos helped them grieve and heal.

Duggar isn’t the only family member to have gone through a tough miscarriage

While Duggar is feeling a lot of emotional pain over the loss of her daughter, she isn’t the only one in the family to experience a miscarriage. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar lost their first child to a miscarriage soon after they wed. They also lost their 20th child. Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar revealed a few months ago that their first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage as well. Though Duggar and Forsyth will need time to grieve, the two wrote that they “have hope” they will see their little girl again someday.