‘Counting On’: John and Abbie Duggar Are Among Plenty of Duggars Whom Fans Have Called Out For Lack of Safety

John and Abbie Duggar don’t get too many date nights now that they have a little one at home. Thankfully, John’s sister Jana Duggar was willing to watch the couple’s daughter so they could spend some time away together. Though the date night seemed innocent, fans grew concerned once they saw photos.

John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett
John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett | John and Abbie Duggar via Instagram

The two stepped out for a date night on the boat — without life preservers

John and Abbie aren’t as active on social media as some of the other Duggars, but they always remember to show each other some love every now and then. The two recently posted about their date night and thanked John’s twin sister, Jana, for babysitting Grace.

John and Abbie posted photos spending time out on a boat. Fans were thrilled to see them enjoying each other’s company. “Such a lovely couple,” someone wrote. “The way he smiles at you,” another person added.

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Despite the excitement about the couple’s date night, fans were also instantly concerned about the two being on a boat without life jackets. In a recent episode of Counting On, the Duggars explained how none of them were great swimmers.

“Nice picture but where’s [sic] the life jackets?” someone asked. “I wouldn’t want to see you get hurt in any way! Where’s the [personal flotation devices]?” another person questioned. “Where are the life jackets… Looks like you guys had a fun date night,” another user wrote.

The Duggars have been called out for their safety decisions in the past

John and Abbie went out on the water without wearing life jackets, but it’s unclear if there were any in the boat. Duggars have been called out for their safety (or lack thereof) in the past. Fans slammed Joy Duggar for allowing her son to stand on a bar stool. People also criticized Jill Duggar for placing her kids in car seats that were facing the wrong way. John and Abbie didn’t answer fans’ comments about the life jackets.

Joy Duggar once allowed her son around power tools

Fans have voiced concern over Joy’s actions on more than one account. While people were worried about her son standing on a bar stool, there was a time when she and her husband, Austin Forsyth, allowed Gideon near power tools. Fans were assured that the power tools were not running when the photos were taken, but the initial reaction was overwhelming concern that she and Austin did not have any regard for their son’s safety.

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