‘Counting On’ Fans Are Confused About Jessa Duggar’s Secret Trip to Visit Jinger

For the most part, once the Duggar children grow up, they marry someone from their church and settle down within a few miles of their parents’ home in Tontitown, Arkansas. But Jinger Duggar changed the pace a bit when she married Jeremy Vuolo; the two first settled down in Laredo, Texas, and recently made a move to Los Angeles, California. Now, Jinger relishes in the time she spends with her family when they visit.

Fans recently noticed that Jessa and Ben Seewald had gone to visit Jinger and Jeremy right around Christmas, but fans were surprised that neither sister posted about the visit.

Jinger and Jessa Duggar
Jinger and Jessa Duggar | Jessa Seewald via Instagram

The Duggar sisters have always been close

When Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar first wed, they actually were not expecting to have 19 children. But they say their faith led them in that direction, and now, 30 years later, their kids have a permanent set of friends in their own brothers and sisters. The older Duggar daughters (Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger) all developed very close relationships, and though there have been rumors about a family feud with Jill and her parents, the sisters do all still seem close. Now that Jinger is in California, her siblings try and pay her a visit every once in a while.

Jinger appears to be close with all of her sisters.

Jessa recently called Jinger her ‘BFF’

Growing up, it seemed like Jill and Jessa had the closest relationship. They were the first two daughters to be married, and they became the stars of Counting On after 19 Kids and Counting was canceled back in 2015. However, the two women don’t ever post photos together anymore (Jill did help Jessa during her home birth, so they clearly still have a relationship). Now, it looks like Jessa has a new BFF: Jinger. On Jinger’s birthday, Jessa posted a photo of the two and referred to her younger sister as her “BFF.” So it comes as no surprise that Jessa would want to make the trip out to California to see her sister.

Fans are confused as to why neither sister posted about Jessa’s California visit

Jeremy Vuolo recently posted a photo alongside Jinger, Jessa, Ben, and their daughters, Felicity and Ivy Jane. “It was nice having [Ben and Jessa] with us for a few days recently,” part of the caption read. Fans were surprised, since neither Jinger nor Jessa ever posted anything to social media that said they were spending time together. And the Duggars — especially Jinger — love to document their lives on social media.

“Jeremy is the only one that posted about Jessa and Ben’s visit. Not even Jinger. Seems odd,” one person posted to Reddit. The post was 98% upvoted, suggesting that almost everyone who viewed it agreed with the statement. It’s unclear why neither sister posted about their trip, and it appears that Jessa and Ben left their two boys home, though they didn’t say why.

Some think Jessa has been taking fashion tips from Jinger  

One thing fans also noticed about the photo was Jessa’s outfit. It was more modern and a bit trendier than what she usually wears. Fans joked that she had allowed her knees to show and that she was already becoming more like a California girl, despite only spending a few days there. “[Jessa] is showing her ankles too. A couple trips to Cali and she’s already lost her way,” someone said about the photo. “I can see Jessa’s knees a little bit!” someone else wrote.

It’s possible Jessa was dressing more moderately because she was spending some time with Jinger, who is notorious in the family for breaking all the fashion rules. It’s nice to see that Jinger hasn’t lost touch with her sisters, despite living so far away.