‘Counting On’: Fans Didn’t Even Recognize Jinger Duggar’s Daughter in Jana Duggar’s Instagram Post

The Duggars are officially back with new episodes of Counting On, and fans can’t wait to see what they’re getting into next. Recently, we saw Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, were just preparing for their big move to Los Angeles — but Duggar followers know these two have been in the big city for months now. While many had their doubts regarding if they’d even really move all the way out west, Jinger and Jeremy appear to be thriving. And they’ve been documenting their new digs with their young daughter, Felicity, on social media.

Fans adore seeing photos of Felicity on Jinger’s Instagram, as the child is always smiling and dressed adorably. A recent photo on Jana’s Instagram had fans doing a double-take when they saw Felicity, however. Here’s why.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have one daughter together

Back when Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar brought their kids into the spotlight via 19 Kids and Counting, it was hard to keep track of all the Duggars then. Now, it’s getting even more difficult, as many of the infamous Duggar children are starting families of their own. Jinger and Jeremy have their daughter, Felicity, who is just a year old. And In Touch Weekly notes both Jinger and Jeremy are constantly gushing about Felicity on social media.

Back in July, Felicity had her first birthday — and of course, the proud parents took to the ‘gram to celebrate. “She has been nothing but a joy, and we are excited to see what the Lord has in store for this precious one. Our prayer is that Felicity will love and serve Christ supremely all her days. Happy Birthday, sweet girl. We love you very much!” Jinger captioned her Instagram montage of her child. And that’s just one of many adorable posts showing Felicity enjoying many different locations around Los Angeles.

The Duggars just took a trip to Los Angeles to visit Jinger and her family

Moving to Los Angeles certainly wasn’t an easy decision for Jinger, as the majority of her family lives in Arkansas and she’s never lived in a big city before. With that said, Jeremy wanted to pursue his graduate studies in ministry at a school in California, so the two ventured out west, as they felt they were called to do so. And while we haven’t seen too much evidence of family members coming out to visit them, the Duggar Family Instagram just shared a series of photos showing the family making their way out to California.

On Oct. 3, the Duggar Family Instagram posted a photo of Jim Bob, Michelle, and a number of other local family members checking out the Grand Canyon. From there, they stopped in Phoenix, Arizona, and made their way to California. And Jinger posted a sweet photo of her parents kissing Felicity while on their visit, too. “I am so thankful for these two, who are amazing grandparents to our sweet Felicity,” she captioned the post.

Jana’s post makes Felicity look unrecognizable

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Love spending time with family!

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Fans are used to seeing Felicity all dressed up and smiling with Jinger, but Jana posted a photo of her with Felicity that fans thought made the child look totally unrecognizable. We know Jana was along for the trip to California, too, as she was seen in the Duggar Family Instagram photos. And she added these photos to Instagram of her holding Jinger’s daughter after Felicity seemingly woke up from a nap.

“Awww what happened to the baby? she doesn’t look too happy,” one fan commented. Another wrote, “Is that Felicity? She looks just like Jeremy here!” Yet another commented, “I didn’t recognize Felicity at first because this is probably the 1st picture she isn’t smiling!!!”

While this isn’t typically the state we see Felicity in, fans adored seeing Jana with the child — and many egged her on to move to California to be near Jinger and Jeremy. Since Jana still lives at home, it’d certainly be a great adventure for her to move out west. And we’re betting she’d make a great babysitter!  

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