‘Counting On’ Fans Say They ‘Can’t Feel Sorry’ For Jana Duggar Anymore

Jana Duggar has been the one Duggar family member who hasn’t conformed to the idea of a young marriage. For the most part, the Duggars are married by the time they’re in their early 20s. Some of the Duggars have even wed as teenagers, which is hard to believe in this day and age. But Jana Duggar, the oldest Duggar daughter, is almost 30 and still unmarried. For a while, people felt sorry for the way her parents treated her, forcing her to live under their roof until she weds. But now, some who follow the family say they no longer feel bad for her.

Jana Duggar with her sisters
Jana Duggar (far right) with three of her sisters. | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

The Duggars tend to marry very young

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar were only teenagers when they tied the knot, and they have always preached the idea that God should decide how many kids they have. For that reason, the couple hasn’t believed in using birth control since the beginning of their marriage. More than 30 years later, the two have 19 kids, and many of their own children have now grown up and married others. But similarly to their parents, the kids all married very young and started having kids right away. However, Jana Duggar, the Duggars’ oldest daughter, has yet to tie the knot.

Fans often feel sorry for Jana Duggar’s situation

Since Duggar has chosen not to marry (for now), she’s still living under her parents’ roof. Her parents have not allowed Duggar to move out because it has always been a household rule that nobody can move away until they have a family of their own (though Jed Duggar has claimed to have moved out, so fans are a bit confused as to why Jana Duggar must continue to live there). Many felt sorry for Duggar’s situation, suggesting she would never have any freedom of her own unless she conformed and married the way her parents wanted her to. But some don’t agree with feeling bad.

Some have decided they ‘can’t feel sorry’ for Duggar

Though many people feel like Duggar is trapped in the life she lives, some feel like she knows by now that her life isn’t “normal” in most Americans’ eyes. People shared their thoughts about Duggar’s situation on Reddit, with some saying they don’t feel sorry for her. “I can’t feel sorry for her,” one user wrote. “[She] went back to the compound [on her own].” Others agreed with the statement. “I definitely don’t feel sorry for her. She’s been out in the world enough to know none of their crap is normal,” another user added, suggesting Duggar could have escaped her parents’ lifestyle if she wanted to.

She seems to have no interest in getting married

While some think Duggar is trapped, others think she’s soaking up the life her parents want her to live and actually enjoying it. It’s possible that Duggar doesn’t ever want to move away from home; maybe she’s content caring for her younger siblings. Whatever the reason is for Jana not meeting someone, she seems to have no interest in getting married. She doesn’t seem to actively be looking for a partner, and maybe she would just prefer to live her life solo rather than answering to her husband’s every wish, the way Duggar women are taught to do.