‘Counting On’ Fans Finally See What Jessa Duggar Looks Like Now in Her Latest Instagram Story

We’ve been watching the Duggar family for years, and now that many of the older family members are getting married and starting families of their own, we can keep up with them on social media, too. Jessa Duggar has peaked fan interest since the days of 19 Kids and Counting, too. We remember when she was just courting her now-husband, Ben Seewald. And today, the couple has three beautiful children that they frequently show off on social media.

After the birth of their daughter, Ivy, fans noticed Jessa seemed to take a step back from social media. But now, she’s finally made a reappearance on her Instagram Story.

Jessa Duggar rarely posts photos of herself anymore

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We are over the moon. #BabySeewald3 Ivy Jane Seewald

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We know many of the Duggars are frequent social media users, and Jessa is no different. We know Jessa had her daughter, Ivy, this past year — and fans are now getting quite a few photos of the infant via her Instagram. But before some of the recent posts, many grew concerned that something was wrong with the Duggar daughter, as she wasn’t posting anything to social media for months.

Fans voiced their concerns on Jessa’s Instagram, too. “@jessaseewald haven’t seen or heard much from you lately. Hope you’re ok and not getting too overwhelmed,” one follower commented on this photo of Ivy from back in July.

The Duggar Family Instagram also addressed Jessa’s social media absence. “She is doing great! Busy taking care of her little ones!” the Duggar family told a concerned follower on an Instagram photo of Ben.

She’s occasionally spotted at family events on other Duggar Instagrams

Jessa may not have been posting too much of herself, but eagle-eyed fans noticed she was occasionally spotted at family events during her online hiatus. Joy-Anna posted this photo of the whole family in the big Duggar home back in August, and fans noticed Jessa was in the left corner.

Not only that, but Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar’s wife, also posted a photo to her Instagram on Sept. 14 celebrating Michelle Duggar’s birthday. In the photo, Jessa’s featured once again, proving she is, in fact, doing just fine.

Anna’s post proves Jessa is thriving with the other Duggars, but it also showed there’s no bad blood between Anna, Josh, and the Duggar family, too. While Jessa’s long absence from Instagram was noticed, fans have also long wondered if Anna and Josh were invited to big events at the family home. With this Instagram post, Anna seems to have proven she and Josh are totally welcome.

Jessa just added multiple photos of herself to her Instagram Story

Jessa Duggar
Jessa Duggar trying on dresses | Jessa Duggar via Instagram Story

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen photos of Ben and snippets of the Seewald children on Jessa’s Instagram — but we still have yet to see any posts on her ‘gram that show herself. It seems Jessa’s making up for it on her Instagram Story, however. Currently, she’s posting multiple photos of herself in clothing from the Bates Sisters Boutique — and she seems to love their line of dresses and cardigans for fall.

“Seriously some of the cutest most comfortable dresses,” Jessa tells the camera while she’s trying on the clothing in front of a mirror. “And hey, when you find a dress that you love, buy it in every color,” she added. Fans may also notice that while many of the articles of clothing Jessa tried on in the video were Duggar appropriate (very modest on top with a lot of leg coverage), she did go out on a limb with one skirt that hit just above her kneecaps.

At the end of her Instagram Story, she then moves the camera over to Ivy, who’s lying on a bed nearby. And while Jessa was certainly aiming to help the Bates family with this plug for their clothing, fans are likely quite happy they get to see her walking and talking online for a change. We’re glad Jessa and the rest of her growing family appear to be doing well!

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