‘Counting On’ Fans Give Their Thoughts on Kendra and Joseph Duggar’s Surprising Baby Name

This year has turned out to be the year of the girl for the Duggar family. The Counting On cast welcomed a little girl to the family this past spring when Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald’s daughter, Ivy Jane, was born. Then, five more Duggars announced pregnancies (though sadly, Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth had a miscarriage). Now, the family has welcomed the second little girl: Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar’s daughter, Addison.

Joseph and Kendra Duggar
Joseph and Kendra Duggar | Joseph and Kendra Duggar via Instagram

Some fans were concerned when Caldwell and Duggar announced their second pregnancy

Caldwell and Duggar welcomed their first son, Garrett, in June 2018. Less than a year later, the two had already announced another pregnancy. Caldwell was only 19 when she married Duggar and had announced a second pregnancy before she was even old enough to drink. Some fans showed excitement for the little family, while others voiced concern that Duggar was having two kids too soon.

“Kendra is still very much a child herself. The idea of her being a mother to two young children so close in age has me worried for physical and mental health,” one user wrote. Another person called the announcement “scary and sad,” while another suggested it was wrong that the Duggar women have no time to enjoy their bodies before having so many kids.

Caldwell also comes from a large, religious family

Caldwell and Duggar were raised with very similar values; they always put God first and allow him to choose their paths. Duggar and Caldwell both believe that they should have as many as kids as God wants; most of the Duggars do not believe in birth control. In early November, Caldwell and Duggar welcomed their second baby, a little girl named Addison. Caldwell’s mother recently had a baby, which means that Caldwell and Duggar’s daughter is younger than her uncle. Surprisingly, that is not uncommon within very large families. Michelle and Jim Bob’s youngest daughter Josie was born after Josh Duggar’s oldest daughter.

Fans seemed to like the couple’s baby name

Fans took to Reddit to express their thoughts on the name Duggar and Caldwell chose. “Addison isn’t a terrible name,” one user wrote. Another person found it interesting that the Duggar’s don’t always name their children something with a religious meaning. “I always think it’s funny for being so hyper religious they really don’t give their children religious names,” someone added. Overall, people generally seemed to like the name the couple chose. “I’m actually digging their kids’ names. A little different and not too popular and not weird,” someone else commented.

Some suspect Caldwell might have as many kids as Michelle Duggar

It’s no surprise that this little Duggar family is rapidly growing, but some even think that Caldwell is on track to have more kids than Michelle Duggar. “Kendra seems to have pretty easy births. I bet her & Joe are the ones to give Michelle & JB a run for their money,” one Reddit user wrote. Caldwell was only 20 when she started having kids, which means she has many years ahead of potentially welcoming more. It’s possible she might end up having more than 19 over the next 20 or so years.