‘Counting On’: Fans Hate That Jana Duggar Is Always Altering Her Sisters’ Maternity Clothes

Those who’ve followed the Duggars for years know all about their thrifty ways. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar cut costs whenever possible when raising 19 kids. And they were big fans of hitting up thrift stores, yard sales, and hand-me-downs to make sure all of their children were clothed.

Jim Bob and Michelle’s adult daughters are also fans of swapping maternity wear, as the specialty clothing can get expensive. Unfortunately, it seems Jana, who’s 30 and without children, is the one altering her sisters’ clothing — and fans aren’t happy about it.

The Duggars believe in thrift shopping and hand-me-downs

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The Duggar family is big on buying used and saving the difference. And a few of the Duggar daughters, like Jessa and Jinger, have even talked about how they develop their personal style based on what they can find while thrifting.

“We shop mostly at thrift shops and consignment shops and sale racks,” Jessa Duggar explained in a video with Jinger Duggar. “We love that sort of thing. So, 95% of the stuff we wear is thrift shops and consignment shops.”

Jessa then offered her thrifting tips to viewers. According to her, it’s paramount to have “a lot of patience” when going to a second-hand store. “You have to sort through the racks and dig through usually a lot of stuff you would never consider buying to find the one item.”

Jinger then added that thrifting requires her to “think outside the box,” as she’s even purchased shoes others would normally find ugly to make them work with her unique style.

The Duggar sisters who’ve been pregnant talked about sharing maternity clothing

While many of the Duggars would swap out clothing with their many siblings, it seems they also share maternity clothing. Jim Bob and Michelle made it known that they believe in having as many children as God allows. And it seems some of their older kids who are married may follow suit. For this reason, they definitely need plenty of maternity wear.

“It’s pretty expensive to buy maternity clothes,” Josiah Duggar’s wife, Lauren, explains in a TLC clip. The clip shows Jessa, Anna, Lauren, Kendra, and Jana Duggar all in a room together surrounded by their maternity wear.

“Over the years, we’ve all been collecting different items, so I feel like we have a pretty good stockpile now,” Jessa added. “We can just start rotating around.”

The clip then pivots over to Jana. “Jana is literally the … Jana of all trades,” Anna, Josh Duggar’s wife, jokes in the video. “… So now, Jana’s doing maternity alterations for the sister-in-laws and sisters.” The clip then shows Jana busily sewing.

Fans hate that Jana’s the one altering the maternity clothes

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While Jana doesn’t seem to mind helping out her pregnant sisters and sisters-in-law, fans want better for her. At 30 years old, Jana is the oldest Duggar sister who remains unmarried and without any kids. Instead of helping her sisters with maternity clothes, fans want her to be the one in the spotlight for once.

“And then there’s poor Cinderjana, sitting behind her sewing machine, altering everything for everyone just to be involved,” one fan commented on the YouTube clip.

“So not only is Jana looking after the kids, she’s making maternity clothes for her sisters,” yet another commented.

“I feel so bad for Jana,” another added, “imagine sewing your younger sisters as sisters-in-law maternity clothes while you are forced to stay at home.”

We’re hoping Jana truly does enjoy helping her sisters and doesn’t feel obligated. And we also hope she can have her time in the spotlight sometime soon.

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