‘Counting On’: Fans Have an Issue With Jill Duggar Popping in on Derick Dillard

Jill Duggar loves sharing her life on Instagram. Everyone knows that. The mother of two seems to spend the majority of her days cooking, posting on Instagram, and, strangely enough, following her husband around and popping up when he least expects her. In a recent Instagram post, Jill admitted she made cookies so she could pop in on Derick at school, and fans are a little weirded out by the behavior. What is really going on between the controversial couple?

Jill is popping in on Derick at school again

Recently, Jill allowed her fans a sneak peek of what she was making for the day. There was nothing strange there. Jill loves to share her recipes on her family’s blog and on Instagram. The caption on the picture, however, caught some fans by surprise. Jill noted that she was making cookies to bring to Derick while he was at school.

She insisted that Derick’s busy schedule and the crisp fall weather inspired her to pop in on her man while he was at school, but fans aren’t buying it. Ever since Derick enrolled in law school, Jill has been documenting his journey. It seems, to several fans, that Jill spends a lot of time checking up on her husband while he’s supposed to be busy with his studies.

While some fans find Jill’s devotion to her marriage sweet, others believe that her constant need to check up on him indicates that all might not be right between the pair. Some believe that Jill is displaying some signs of insecurity and that her constant need to pop in on Derick is cause for concern. After all, rumors swirled that the law student might have cheated on his wife of five years in the past.

Did Derick ever cheat on Jill?

The ultra-conservative Christian beliefs of the Duggars are supposed to safeguard couples against infidelity, but everyone knows it happens. In fact, it happened in the family in the past. Josh Duggar, Jill’s eldest brother, was caught in a pretty intense cheating scandal in 2015. While everyone knows Josh is a cheater, rumors are swirling that other family members may have strayed, too. The most popular theories suggest that perhaps Derick hasn’t always been faithful to his wife.

There is no concrete evidence to confirm the suspicion of followers, but a few weird posts have gotten the rumor mill churning. Back in 2017, Derick posted a string of biblical quotes about adultery, leading many to believe he may have strayed. The posts came shortly after the birth of the couple’s second son.

More recently, Derick felt the need to suggest that he may have settled for his wife. The Instagram post had most fans raising an eyebrow. The post, intended for the single population, suggested that single men and women shouldn’t hold out for the perfect person, lest they die alone.

Jill’s posts suggest she’s trying a little too hard

Coupled with what amounts to stalking Derick on a college campus, Jill’s Instagram posts lend some credence to the insecurity theory. In recent months, the mother of two has ramped up her postings about her husband. The sex advice posts, the snapshots of the couple canoodling, and pictures from their special getaway really do make it seem like Jill is desperate for attention.

It’s hard to say, however, who’s attention she is trying to get. Some fans think she’s desperate for Derick’s approval, while others believe that the former reality TV star is trying to make fans believe she is as happy as she says. There is one other theory, though. Jill may be working to mark her territory, both in real life and in the digital realm.