‘Counting On’ Fans Have a Bizarre Theory For Jill Duggar’s Supposed Falling Out With Her Family

Anyone who watches Counting On knows that Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard left the show back in 2017. Dillard posted negative comments to Twitter about other TLC stars’ lifestyles, and as a result, the Dillard family and TLC parted ways. But since then, things between Duggar and the rest of her family have appeared to go downhill, and fans have questioned why she never seems to spend any time with her family. Now, some who follow the Duggars have an interesting theory as to why.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard
Jill Duggar and Derick Dillrd | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Duggar and Dillard haven’t been on the show in two years

When Counting On first premiered after 19 Kids and Counting was cancelled, the show focused mainly on Jill and Jessa Duggar. They were the only two married Duggars and were just starting families of their own. Since then, however, several other Duggars have grown up and married as well; most of them have also started families. Though Duggar was still a main cast member, controversial tweets posted by her husband ended up causing their reality television stint to end. Dillard posted homophobic and transphobic comments on Twitter about TLC stars Jazz Jennings, Nate Berkus, and Jeremiah Brent. Fans called for him to be removed from the show, and the couple stopped filming for Counting On.

Fans have noticed there seems to be tension between Duggar and her family

Over the past year, fans have started to question whether Duggar has a strained relationship with her family. She and Dillard have appeared at fewer and fewer family events, and they don’t seem to make appearances on her siblings’ social media accounts. Just recently, many of the Duggars took a trip out to California to visit Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo, but fans noticed Jill Duggar didn’t attend and never made any mention of her family while they were there.

Duggar spent time with friends while her family was in California.

Some think it has to do with Duggar and Dillard overspending  

The Duggars’ followers have posed some interesting theories about Duggar’s seemingly compromised relationship with her family; the most widely accepted idea was that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were upset over the fact that Duggar and Dillard left the show. However, some think it has to do with finances in another way. One Reddit user suggested that Dillard and Duggar were overspending, and when they asked Jim Bob Duggar for more money, he refused, and tensions rose.

“[In my opinion] Derrick thought he was hopping aboard the gravy train of limitless funds when he married into the Duggar family. Once Jim Bob told him no to extra money, he threw/continues to throw a huge hissy fit,” the Reddit user wrote. 87% of voters agreed with the post.

Fans suspect Jim Bob Duggar controls the whole family’s finances

Though it hasn’t been proven, some who follow the Duggars theorize that Jim Bob controls all of the money made from the show, then pays his children a salary. Jim Bob also seems to get his kids jobs, since they don’t receive college educations, and it looks like they all live comfortable lives between the salary from the show and the additional jobs they have. “The fact that money for Counting On was going through Jim Bob is disgusting,” one user wrote in response to the idea that Jim Bob could be the one paying his kids. Though it might seem wrong, Jim Bob essentially rules the Duggar family, so it wouldn’t come as as surprise if the Dillards’ supposed overspending ended up causing rift between them and Duggar’s father.