‘Counting On’ Fans Have Mixed Opinions About Jill Duggar’s ‘Modern’ Outfit on Instagram

No matter what Jill Duggar does, she’s always going to find the haters have something to say about it. Sometimes these comments are justified. Most times they aren’t.

Jill Duggar Dillard
Jill Duggar Dillard | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

So many of Jill Duggar’s posts seem innocent enough at first glance. But fans are never content to take these photos at face value. Instead, they notice minute details like how messy her house is in the background, questionable car seat safety, gross recipes, and rebellious fashion decisions, just to name a few.

Their latest complaint? Jill Duggar is wearing an outfit that’s either too conservative or not conservative enough, depending on who you ask. Also, her smile is way too big for visiting a cemetery.

What’s the latest thing Jill Duggar fans are mad about?

The post in question is from Father’s Day weekend. Jill shared a quick snap from when she visited her late father-in-law Richard Dillard’s grave on June 16th. Fans had some opinions about the whole thing.

The photo shows Jill standing in the sunshine and smiling while showing off her outfit choice of a slightly sheer white shirt and loose green linen pants.

“I’ve had several inquiries about this first outfit after I posted a pic in a recent post, so I wanted to share a bit more,” Jill wrote on the post. She then tagged her sister-in-law’s friend’s store, Juniper Anne Boutique, and provided a discount code.

“Oh, and I’m 5’7” and wearing heels in the first pics. And in the second pic I’m wearing a white tank under the striped shirt,” Jill continued.

Fans couldn’t believe Jill was wearing pants

The outfit seems totally innocent and normal until you stop to consider the strict Duggar family rules that forbid women to wear pants. Technically Jill Duggar isn’t breaking her dad’s rules because she no longer lives under his roof. But most of her other sisters stick with skirts and dresses even though they’re married now.

This isn’t the first time Jill Duggar chose a fashion statement that broke the conservative rules of her family. Her Instagram includes snapshots of her wearing tank tops and even shorts, which would be a huge no-no in her family home.

They had mixed reviews about her outfit

There was a mix of haters and lovers of Jill’s “daring” outfit.

“Beautiful!! Looks great on you!! I wish people would hush about you girls living your own lives once you got married,” said one comment. “I grew up a PK *preachers kid* Once I was on my own, I did what I felt was right for me. My parents raised me right, that was their job. Now I live my life to my own convictions. Proud of you!!”

“Glad to see you embracing pants now. Nothing wrong with wearing pants and also you are rocking them,” said another.

“Iron your pants you are modeling them for [money],” on snarky person said.

People also questioned her body language

Jill Duggar followed Instagram rules and disclosed that the post was a promotion. But even though she was modeling to support a friend, people were a little disgusted with where and when she chose to do it.

“I never seen a family smile so much when a loved one has died. All of you have posted one photo after another smiling and this is really disgraceful,” one commenter said, referring to the recent death of family matriarch Mary Duggar. Also, the photo was taken on what was supposed to be a solemn visit to her husband’s dads grave. That makes her big grin a little creepy.

No matter what Jill Duggar does, she probably used to the backlash by now. We hope it doesn’t hurt her feelings too much.