‘Counting On’ Fans Have Mixed Reactions About Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s Elk Hunting Trip

Part of the reason why 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On became such popular shows is that the Duggars were never afraid to be their authentic selves. Even though the Duggar family has faced plenty of criticism over the years, they’ve never changed their opinions or tried to make everyone like them.

And now Joy-Anna Forsyth, nee Duggar, is continuing in that long-standing tradition of not caring what people think. She recently shared updates from a big trip to Colorado even though she must have known some fans would react negatively.

What was so controversial about Austin and Joy-Anna’s trip to Colorado? Read on to find out.

Joy-Anna joined an elk hunting trip for the first time

At first Counting On fans were confused why Joy-Anna wasn’t tagging along with her mom and sisters as they took a road trip out to visit Jinger Vuolo in Los Angeles. It seemed like Joy-Anna would be up for the trip — so why didn’t she attend?

The answer became clear when Joy-Anna updated her Instagram feed with photos of her own excursion far from the sunny coastline of California. Instead of accompanying her family to L.A., Joy-Anna took a much colder trip with her husband to do some elk hunting.

“Y’all! I got to come with the guys this year on their Elk Hunting trip! It’s freezing cold and we have already done a ton of hiking, but we’re excited cuz [sic] we’ve already spotted some elk!” she captioned the post. “Can’t wait for opening morning! It is absolutely GORGEOUS here!”

Fans had negative reactions to Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth’s hunting trip

Though many Counting On fans reacted positively to the update, others were less than thrilled to learn that Joy-Anna and Austin were participating in the sport of killing animals. Even if they planned to eat them later.

“Why do you like to kill animals? I could not!” one fan said.

Another fan had a similar opinion, saying, “I love the Duggars, but I hate the sport of hunting… even if they eat the meat. Never will I understand how it is that people can love killing.”

Many hunting enthusiasts supported Joy-Anna’s post

While plenty of Duggar fans were taken aback by Joy-Anna’s Instagram post about her hunting trip, others defended her and hunting in general.

“From one Colorado hunting woman to another, I appreciate you!” one local said in her reaction. “I have lived here my whole life but my husband and I began hunting together 3 years ago. Such an amazing experience and there’s just something about being surrounded by the beauty of Gods creation that really relaxes you! Cannot wait to get out there for deer season in just a few weeks! Good luck!!”

Another defended hunting as a beneficial action. “If anything hunting is better for the world. Less packaging, zero plastic waste, zero machines for processing,” they said. “As long as they’re eating what they hunt, what’s the problem. You can’t be against killing animals but not against destroying the environment.”

No matter what the fans think, it’s clear that Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth are having a lot of fun and bonding together as a couple during their big elk hunting trip.