‘Counting On’ Fans Think Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson Will Have Many Kids: ‘I Can See Her Trying to Beat Michelle’

The Duggar children weren’t raised the way most American kids were. And it’s not unusual for a Duggar to hit adulthood (age 18 or over) and be married within a few years. Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson were married in June 2018. They went through a miscarriage last year but announced another pregnancy earlier this year; their baby is due soon. And some Counting On fans think they will have more kids than Duggar’s parents, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson | Josiah and Lauren Duggar via Instagram

Duggar and Swanson went through a difficult miscarriage last year

After Duggar and Swanson tied the knot, they wanted to start a family right away. Swanson, who was 19 when she and Duggar wed, didn’t seem to have a difficult time getting pregnant. However, she and Duggar lost their baby. Jessa Duggar, who was also pregnant, was due on the same day as Swanson, which likely made it more difficult for Swanson to handle. The couple announced earlier this year that they had gone through the difficult miscarriage, and it seemed to weigh heavily on both of them.

The couple announced another pregnancy this past spring

Though they lost their first baby, they soon learned they were pregnant with another. Swanson and Duggar referred to their child as a “rainbow baby” or a child who is born after a tragedy. The couple announced the pregnancy in early spring, and they should be welcoming their little girl very soon. Swanson’s baby shower was held last week, and she seemed thrilled to finally become a mother despite the difficult loss she went through late last year.

‘Counting On’ fans think Duggar and Swanson will have more kids than his parents

Swanson is still very young; she only turned 20 in May. And some Counting On fans think this is a sign that there are many more babies to come. Fans took to Reddit to discuss how many kids they think the two will have. “I can see her trying for 20 to beat Michelle,” one Reddit user wrote. However, others sarcastically suggested that Duggar and Swanson would have far fewer kids, because fewer would be more “attention grabbing.” One user added, “I think she will have 1-2 kids and make up all sorts of allergies and illnesses to get attention.” It seems that some fans think Swanson has been seeking a lot of attention during her pregnancy.

Fans have also remarked that Kendra Duggar will have many kids, too 

Though it’s possible Swanson will be a mother to many, fans still think that Kendra Duggar will be the one to have the most kids. “[Kendra and Joe] are my current choice for ‘most grandduggars,’” one person shared on Reddit. “If Kendra carries on at this rate till menopause she can beat Michelle by a few kids more than 19,” another user added. Right now, the Duggars are still young, and it’s hard to say who might have the most children. But with Swanson and Kendra Duggar both so young, it’s possible they will have more kids than others over the years.