‘Counting On’: Fans Might Be a Little Sad When Jana Duggar Announces a Courtship

The rumors have been circulating for years, but let’s be honest: we’re all going to be a tiny bit disappointed when Jana Duggar announces a courtship.

In a family of traditional values and strict rules, Jana Duggar is the one person who isn’t afraid to go against the norm. She’s the only Duggar daughter over the age of 21 who isn’t married yet and now that she’s pushing 30, Jana has become an endless source of speculation for fans of the TLC show Counting On. And not everything they’re saying is positive.

While it’s perfectly normal for a 29-year-old person to still be single, in the Duggar world it’s definitely weird. Here’s why Jana Duggar is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite just by being herself.

Jana Duggar still lives at home with her parents

Though Jana Duggar is breaking family tradition by not getting married in her late teens or early twenties, that doesn’t mean she’s rebelling against her parents’ strict rules. Their religion dictates that unwed women should live home with their parents until they’re married, at which point they’d obviously move in with their new husbands.

All the Duggar daughters so far have willingly obeyed this unique rule. However, now that Jana is getting older, fans wonder if she’d be more comfortable living alone rather than helping raise her younger siblings and not even having her own room.

She seems completely content with her life

If anything, Counting On fans seem more upset by Jana’s perpetual singlehood than Jana herself does. She’s been seen cracking jokes about still not finding the right life partner, saying, “Maybe he’s riding in on a green turtle instead of a white horse. Still searching for Mr. Right. In the words of Michael Bublé, ‘Just haven’t met [him] yet,’” in response to a fan on social media.

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Horsing around

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And her living situation seems equally fine. Jana has her own Instagram account and frequently shares photos of herself tending her plants or traveling. She appears to have a full, vibrant life while still living under her parents’ roof.

Maybe Jana Duggar won’t ever get married

It’s unclear if Jana Duggar is being picky or if she’s just not trying too hard to find the love of her life because she’s not in a hurry. But either way, that’s her business and no one else’s. Fans truly appreciate her willingness to not settle.

Jana Duggar
Jana Duggar | Jana Duggar via Instagram

She’s been linked to singer Lawson Bates, the son of the Duggar’s family friends. Though he would make a logical match for Jana, both she and he have repeatedly denied rumors that they’re courting each other. By this point they would have let us know — Duggar courtships are notoriously short and almost always end in marriage.

Will Jana Duggar stay living with her parents even when she’s 39, 49, or 59 if she never winds up getting married? It’s possible. But for now, it’s clear she’s happy with the way things are going. You can’t ask for more than that.