‘Counting On’ Fans Noticed Something a Little Strange in Joe and Kendra Duggar’s Recent Instagram Post

Kendra and Joseph Duggar are awaiting the arrival of their second child sometime this fall, but that doesn’t mean they are sitting around doing nothing. The couple took to a local hiking trail with Kendra’s family recently. Documenting the hike on Instagram, fans were excited to see some new pictures from the family. Some followers, however, pointed out something a little bit strange in the photo. Kendra’s parents have apparently passed off their baby duties to Kendra’s younger sister, Lauren. What does it mean for the Caldwell family?

Kendra’s parents aren’t holding the youngest Caldwell in the photo

Kendra’s parents, Christina and Paul Caldwell, took part in the family’s hiking trip. While they were clearly there to enjoy the hike as a couple, they brought their kids along too, including their youngest child, Isaiah.

Born in late 2018, Isaiah is around the same age as Kendra and Joe’s first child, Garrett. Clearly unable to make the trek himself, the infant was strapped into a baby carrier. Isaiah wasn’t guided on the hike by one of his parents, though. In the snapshot posted to Kendra and Joseph’s Instagram account, Lauren Caldwell is wearing the young child.

Lauren, who recently turned 19, has been rumored to be courting Jason Duggar. The rumored couple was seen together on a trip to Greece, and a tour guide mentioned Jason and his “future bride” in a Facebook post. Jason, however, didn’t appear to be on the hike. 

Is Kendra’s mom pregnant again?

Christina failing to carry her own child on the hike has led to some speculation that the mother of eight might be pregnant again. It would be the second time that Christina and Kendra would be pregnant at the same time if the speculation turns out to be true.

Kendra and Joe announced their first pregnancy in December 2017. The couple, who married in September 2017, welcomed their first child precisely 39 weeks after their wedding date, according to In Touch. Garrett was born in June 2018, with his uncle following a few months later in the fall of the same year. That means, Kendra and her mom shared at least part of their pregnancies.

The Caldwells have not announced another pregnancy. Even if Christina was pregnant, fans are wondering why Paul didn’t carry the baby. The fact that Lauren is carrying Isaiah has led some fans to believe that the Caldwells subscribe to the same “buddy” system that the Duggar family has long advertised.

Do the Caldwells pass off childcare like the Duggar family?

The Duggar family has received backlash in the past for passing off the child-rearing responsibility to their older daughters. Fans have noted that Jana, Jessa, Jill, and Jinger appeared to do the lion’s share of the child-raising while their parents were busy having more children.

As shown in 19 Kids and Counting, Michelle is only a “buddy” to her children as long as they are breastfeeding. Once that was over and done with they were passed off to a sibling who would help them get dressed, fed, and educated. Michelle appeared to be serving more as a supervisor in a factory than a mother to 19 children to some viewers. The backlash reached a fever pitch when Jana posted a Mother’s Day tribute, according to In Touch.

When fans saw Kendra and Joseph’s photo, many began speculating that the Caldwells utilize the same system, meaning they have little to do with the actual raising of their children. They might not be done adding to their clan yet, either. Christina Caldwell is just 39 years old, so it’s possible that Isaiah is not their last baby.