‘Counting On’ Fans Reveal Their Real-Life Run-Ins With the Duggars — This is What They’re Really Like

The Duggar family is definitely one of America’s most unique families. The family, which consists of parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar and their 19 children (and now countless spouses and grandchildren) first gained notoriety for having so many family members and a very strict set of rules. Now, “Duggar” is a household name, but very few who watch the family on television have actually ever met them. Those who have had real-life run-ins revealed in a Reddit thread what it was actually like to meet some of the family members.

Duggar family
Duggar family | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

One person said Jill Duggar is very sweet

Jill Duggar, who is no longer on Counting On after her husband’s controversial tweets resulted in the family parting ways with the show, has always received flak from fans. Most of it happens through social media; Duggar might post a photo of her children playing, her cooking, or her homeschooling techniques, and people are always quick to judge the way she parents, cooks, and teaches. However, one Reddit user said that their encounter with Duggar was actually a very sweet one. “I met Jill at an Oklahoma State basketball game several years ago,” the user wrote. “I just went up and said hi… She was really sweet but not super chatty or anything.” The user also said Duggar allowed the two to get a photo together.

Someone had a ‘pleasant encounter’ with Jinger Duggar at a baseball game

Growing up, the Duggars never attended professional sporting events. Most of what they did for fun stemmed from activities related to their church. However, Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo, who didn’t grow up with the Duggars or attend their church, and he has since showed her a new way of life. One Reddit user said they were working at a Cubs game when they met Duggar, who was attending the game with her husband and daughter. “I was working there so I couldn’t really do much. But I told her I was a fan and we chatted for a few minutes! Super nice and pleasant encounter.”

The Duggar family recently touched down in the Bahamas to help aid the victims of Hurricane Dorian.

One person said Jessa Duggar’s husband, Ben Seewald, is ‘freaking hot’

Jessa Duggar’s husband, Ben Seewald, is the heartthrob of the Duggar family (arguably alongside Jeremy Vuolo). And one user who saw the whole family in real life suggests Seewald is extremely attractive. “I attended a conference with them a few years ago,” the user wrote. “It kind of seemed like Ben has social anxieties. He’s freaking hot in real life.” The user also went on to discuss the relationships among the sisters; she said all of the sisters got along very well and were talking and laughing with each other. And the family was also very friendly with the others who attended the conference.

“They were all very friendly to other conference attendees and… They were well spoken. Better so than what’s shown on the TV show,” the user wrote. Fans have often accused the Duggars of being uneducated with the way they speak on television, though all of the children did complete a certain homeschool curriculum.