‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar’s Recent Outfit Completely Shocks Fans As It Defies Her Parents’ Biggest Rule

Jana Duggar is the oldest daughter in the Duggar family, one of America’s largest families. They star on the reality television show Counting On, and fans have become interested in their lifestyle because it is so different from how most modern Americans live. Michelle and Jim Bob’s children have always lived by very strict rules, which the kids have been required to follow until they marry and move out. But Duggar’s recent outfit just broke her parents’ no. 1 rule.

Duggar sisters
Jana Duggar (far right) with Jessa, Jinger, and Jill Duggar | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Duggar has been slowly gaining more freedom as she gets older

The Duggars were raised under some very strict rules. The family is Baptist, and they have chosen to dedicate their lives to God. With that said, everything they do is for their Lord, which means they were raised with trying to commit as little sin as possible. Duggar’s parents do not allow the children to watch television or listen to modern music; the kids can’t show any intimacy toward their partners until marriage; and the daughters are not allowed to wear pants.

As Duggar has become older, she’s been slowly gaining a few more freedoms. She’ll be 30 next year; though she still lives at home, she has her own Instagram account (which is a big step for a Duggar) and has been traveling more and more without her parents. But Duggar’s recent move proves her parents are going easier on her than ever.

Duggar recently wore pants — something her parents have never allowed

Growing up, the Duggar daughters were only allowed to wear skirts or dresses. Michelle and Jim Bob banned pants because they felt tight-fitting clothes could send the wrong message to men. The girls’ legs always had to be covered to their knees. But once some of the daughters were married and living on their own, they started wearing pants. Now, Jinger and Jill Duggar sport pants pretty frequently, and it might have made Michelle and Jim Bob reconsider their rules for Jana Duggar.

In Duggar’s recent Instagram photo, she’s wearing what appears to be leggings with boots and a winter jacket — something the daughters never would have been allowed to wear growing up. And she limited Instagram comments on the post, as though she knew people would call her out for wearing pants.   

Fans have theories about why Duggar is still single

Duggar’s parents appear to have given her more freedom because she’s getting older. It looks like they’ve started letting her make more of her own decisions, including about how she dresses. But fans still have theories about why Duggar has not yet tied the knot. Some think that she simply never wants to be married because it would require her to conform to her husband’s rules. Others think her parents have banned her from getting married because Michelle needs the extra help around the house. And others still question Duggar’s sexuality, though she has vehemently denied any rumors.

It’s unclear if Duggar will ever tie the knot, but she seems to be enjoying her life as it is. She said on a recent episode of Counting On that staying single has allowed her to do things that some of her sisters haven’t been able to do. Time will tell if she ever walks down the aisle.