‘Counting On’ Fans Slam the Duggar Women For not Wearing Masks in Public: ‘What Are You Trying To Do?’

The Duggar family has, for the most part, been staying home like the rest of us the past few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But with states starting to lift laws in an effort to save the economy, more people have been getting out and trying to get back to normal. Still, Counting On star Jessa Duggar’s recent photo came under fire when she showed off her sisters going out without masks.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's older kids
Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s older kids | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Fans have called out the Duggars in the past over breaking pandemic rules

When the coronavirus became a pandemic, most celebrities took action by staying in their homes and advising their fans to do the same. And though the Duggars were mostly staying home, there were a few instances where fans questioned how seriously the family was taking the pandemic.

Some fans called out Josiah and Lauren Duggar for hosting a family night, where up to 18 people could be spotted in the same room. Other people noticed the Duggars were still attending church services despite the widely held idea that everyone should be staying locked down.

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Jessa Duggar recently posted a photo showing her sisters without masks

These days, people are attempting to return to normal despite that the coronavirus is not yet under control in the United States. Government officials are trying to balance keeping people safe with keeping the economy afloat, so some states have lifted stay-at-home orders and allowed people to return to daily life with some sense of normalcy. But it’s still strongly advised that people wear masks while outside — and in some states, it’s required.

Jessa Duggar recently posted a photo of her sister and sister-in-law, Jana and Anna Duggar, shopping for plants. Fans quickly noticed, though, that neither woman was wearing a mask, and they slammed the Duggar ladies in the comments.

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“Why no masks? Please wear them in public,” one user pleaded. “Hello, masks! Especially with babies! What are you trying to do?” another person wrote. “… When I see y’all going out with babies and no masks… It’s scary,” someone else added.

Arkansas’ pandemic laws aren’t nearly as strict as elsewhere

Something to note is that, while states such as New York and New Jersey are requiring residents to wear masks in public, Arkansas’ laws are not as strict. The Arkansas Department of Health does encourage its residents to wear masks in public and practice social distancing, but no law is in place to require it. (There is, however, a law in place for employees of certain businesses, such as restaurants and gyms, to wear them.)

Arkansas was also one of the few states that never enacted a stay-at-home order. Though some fans think the women might seem senseless for not wearing masks, they aren’t technically breaking any rules.

Some fans came to the Duggars’ defense

While people were against the women going out without masks, others came to their defense. “It’s their choice to not wear stupid masks,” one user commented. “Stop criticizing them for not wearing masks,” another person wrote.

Most people are making their best effort to wear masks in public, especially in more crowded areas, but the Duggars’ hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas, only has a population of about 4,000 residents. To them, not wearing masks might seem like less of a problem if places generally aren’t crowded. It’s unclear if the Duggars will take fans’ advice.