‘Counting On’ Fans Still Don’t Know Who Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s Adopted Son Is

It’s hard to believe we’ve been watching the Duggar family for over a decade. It all began with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the Christian fundamentalist parents of 19 children. We remember when the oldest of the Duggar kids were all under the age of 18, too — but now, they’re all grown up, courting, marrying, and starting families of their own. And thanks to TLC’s Counting On, we get to see how Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids are raising their families and employing their own parenting tactics.

Having 19 children is quite a task, but Michelle has noted in the past that she would have even more children if she could. And while she’s biologically finished having kids, Jim Bob and Michelle reportedly do have a 20th child they adopted into the family — though it seems fans are still unsure who he is.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 children are growing up fast

The Duggar family
The Duggar family | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no doubt the Duggars are here for the long haul when it comes to their tenure on reality TV. Jim Bob and Michelle first gained notoriety for having so many kids along with their controversial, ultra-conservative views. The family doesn’t believe in birth control and instead insists that how many children they all have is completely in God’s hands. On one episode of 19 Kids and Counting, Michelle even said, “We would love more children if God saw fit to give us more.”

The other Duggars are following right in their parents’ footsteps too. Josh Duggar, the most controversial of the bunch, is currently expecting his sixth child with wife Anna Duggar. And even Jessa Duggar, who now has three children, and Jill Duggar, who has two, have also mentioned they hope to have as many kids as God allows.

Jim Bob and Michelle have an adopted son, Tyler

Jim Bob and Michelle still have their hands full with their youngest kids and all their grandkids, but they’re always willing to take on caring for more children. And it seems they have legal guardianship of Tyler Duggar. Romper notes Tyler is the son of Michelle’s niece, making him Michelle’s great-nephew. As for why the Duggars are now taking care of Tyler, Romper notes In Touch Weekly explains his mother, Rachel, gave birth to him when she was just a teen. Rachel then put Tyler in the care of her mother (Michelle’s sister, Carolyn). But after Carolyn had a stroke, she could no longer care for Tyler.

On Nov. 1, 2016, Michelle and Jim Bob were granted permanent custody of Tyler. And they’ve been extremely welcoming to their adopted son ever since. As a source told In Touch Weekly, “Jim Bob and Michelle couldn’t be happier right now.”

Fans are stating they’re still unsure of who Tyler is

The Duggars may be over the moon to have a 20th child, but it seems fans are still unsure of who Tyler is even though he’s been with the family for years. Recently, the Duggar family Instagram posted this photo of Jim Bob with Tyler and two of his daughters — and fans flocked to the comments to question who the child was. “Who is Tyler, a nephew?” one follower asked. Another questioned, “who is Tyler? Did you guys adopt him?” Yet another asked, “Is Tyler a family relative?”

Those who keep up with the Duggars know exactly who Tyler is and answered the questions presented on Instagram, however. And we’re hoping we’ll hear more from Tyler on future seasons of Counting On, too. Here’s to the gigantic and ever-expanding Duggar family!

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