‘Counting On’ Fans Theorize That This Duggar is Pregnant — And It’s Not Who You Think

The Duggar family seems to welcome a new baby every few months. Right now, though, there are surprisingly no Duggar women expecting — well, that we know of. But fans have a different theory: They think that one Duggar woman will announce a pregnancy pretty soon. And it’s not who you think.

The Duggar family
The Duggar family | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Fans have been suggesting that Jinger Duggar could be pregnant

For quite some time now, fans have suspected that Jinger Duggar is pregnant. Duggar, who is married to Jeremy Vuolo, posted a family photo on Thanksgiving, and some fans thought they saw a baby bump. Then, Duggar started hiding her stomach in her posts, which made people suspect even further that she was gearing up to make a pregnancy announcement. She and Vuolo have only welcomed one daughter even though they’ve been married for more than three years, which is unusual in the Duggar family.

Duggar’s recent photos don’t appear to show a baby bump

Duggar and Vuolo moved to California last year, and they’ve been soaking up the sun ever since. Duggar is a stay-at-home mom while Vuolo takes graduate classes at the Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles, and they’ve made sure to explore their neighborhood on their days off.

Duggar has continued posting to Instagram, though her recent photos don’t suggest that she’s pregnant. She posted a picture wearing a long, beige jacket, with no baby bump to be found. She also recently posted a video walking behind her daughter, Felicity (presumably taken on the same day as the previous photo), and there was no visible baby bump there, either.

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Just taking a winter stroll.

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People suspect Joy Duggar is actually the one expecting

Though Jinger Duggar is the one fans have been keeping an eye on, some are starting to suspect that Joy Duggar is pregnant. She and her husband, Austin Forsyth, went through a difficult miscarriage last year, and they lost their baby at 20 weeks. Since then, the two have been focusing more on spending time with each other and their young son, Gideon. The two often post photos to their Instagram account, where they fawn over each other and remind fans that they have an incredibly strong bond.

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You are my happy place!

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Fans think Joy Duggar won’t announce until 20 weeks because of her last miscarriage

Though it hasn’t been confirmed at all that Duggar is pregnant, fans think if she is, she’ll wait until at least the 20-week mark to announce. Naturally, there could be some anxiety about her next pregnancy, since she lost her last baby so unexpectedly.

“I think Joy is pregnant, but won’t announce until she’s past the point when Annabelle [sic] died,” one user posted to Reddit. Another person said Duggar wouldn’t announce “until she’s twenty weeks.” Another user suggested Duggar and Forsyth are “probably actively trying.” It’s been almost a year since the two announced their last pregnancy; they lost the baby in July. Since the Duggars tend to have kids close in age, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the two were ready to welcome another child this year.