‘Counting On’: Fans Think Abbie Burnett is Uncomfortable with John-David Duggar’s Kissing Technique

Counting On is officially back on TLC. While there are rumors that the network is looking to replace the long-running Duggar family with the Plath family, for now, the family is on the air. Likely in a bid to keep the family relevant, the new season of Counting On is steering towards a more risqué format. Well, risqué for the Duggar family. One interview scene featured kissing advice from one Dugger couple, but fans claim they are getting weird vibes from the entire scene.

Fans think John-David’s kissing technique isn’t great

John-David Duggar and Abbie Burnett may be expecting their first child together, but fans are a bit concerned about their kissing techniques. In an interview scene on a recent episode of Counting On the couple sat down to discuss married life. John-David explains that they have a kissing rule in their house; they do not peck each other on the lips. If they are going to kiss, they are going to really go after it.

Okay, so that’s kind of a weird conversation to be having on national television, but that’s not the problem fans had with the segment. Several Reddit users claim they got bizarre vibes from the couple during the scene. Some suggested that Abbie doesn’t seem particularly jazzed by John-David’s kissing style, or kissing in public for that matter. Fans also note that John-David appears a little aggressive when it comes to kissing his wife.

Does Abbie’s body language suggest she’s uncomfortable?

Abbie is relatively new to the television circuit. Plucked from obscurity in Oklahoma, she quickly became a well-known face in the Duggar household. Now married to John-David, she’s a regular on Counting On, but it doesn’t seem like she’s all that comfortable with the entire situation just yet.

During the scene, Abbie pulls John-David’s hand away from her face, and it looks like she’s attempting to block him from grabbing her face each time he kisses her. John-David either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care. It’s hard to tell where her hands are located, but she seems like she might be crossing her arms when he’s not blocking John-David from grabbing at her chin. Later in the segment, she giggles nervously. All three actions could be non-verbal cues that she’s uncomfortable.

It is hard to tell, however, if Abbie is merely uncomfortable being on camera or if she’s uncomfortable with the entire display of affection. It’s pretty clear, though, that John-David’s kissing technique is a touch aggressive. For a couple who didn’t even kiss before getting married, the aggressive nature of the kiss comes off a bit odd.

Duggar PDAs commonly weird out viewers

The Duggar family talks a lot about modesty, but ironically, they seem totally cool with public displays of affection. Well, they are okay with them as long as the couple displaying their love are married. While John-David and Abbie’s awkward kissing is the most recent example of Duggar family PDAs, it is not the first and likely won’t be the last display that will weird out viewers.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar freaked out fans back in 2014 with a bizarre public display on a mini-golf course. Not only did the couple go on a double date with their own daughter, but Jim Bob proceeded to grind against his wife while suggesting he was just helping her get her swing right. He also taunted his then-unmarried daughter and her beau.

Josiah Duggar raised eyebrows with the world’s most awkward kiss. While he dipped his wife in a long first kiss at the alter, his attempt to go in for a second was brutally rebuffed. Josiah, who has fans concerned that he is heading for a breakdown, attempted to go in for a kiss, but his wife literally didn’t move. She didn’t purse her lips, tilt her head or even close her mouth during the awkward encounter.