Here’s Why ‘Counting On’ Fans Think Anna Duggar is Purposely Defying Her Husband, Josh

The Duggar family has some very strict rules their children must follow. And as those Duggar children marry and have children of their own, they’re expected to pass down those rules to the younger generations. But recently, a photo posted by Anna Duggar showed that she may be going against her husband and his family’s strict rules — and here’s why some think it’s intentional.

Josh Anna Duggar and family
Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar, and family | Anna Duggar via Instagram

One rule the Duggars must follow: Females cannot wear pants

The Duggars have several rules; children aren’t allowed to believe in Santa, there can be no real intimacy until marriage, and females cannot wear pants. Those are just a few of the main household rules. Females are required to wear long skirts that cover the majority of their legs. If you’ve ever seen an episode of 19 Kids and Counting or Counting On, you know that this is the drill. Some Duggars have since married and defied this tradition; specifically, Jinger Duggar. Jinger began wearing pants after she got married and has said that her daughter will wear pants as well. Other Duggars have also broken some traditions since getting married; Jill Duggar put up a Christmas tree in her home this year, which was never allowed by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Anna Duggar recently posted a photo of her daughters wearing pants

Anna Duggar took to Instagram to show how much fun her children were having at a local amusement park. But fans didn’t notice the big smiles and excitement — they noticed that Anna and Josh’s three daughters appeared to all be wearing pants. Anna also noted in her caption that they spent the day with Josh’s side of the family. It’s unclear how the pants went over with Josh’s family, but since Jinger Duggar also likes pants, Jim Bob and Michelle may have been more adjusted to the idea.

Josh Anna Duggar children
Josh and Anna Duggar’s children were photographed wearing pants. | Anna Duggar via Instagram

Fans believe Anna may intentionally be defying her husband

When fans saw the pants, they instantly thought that Anna might have wanted her children to wear pants on purpose. It could have been in an effort to defy her husband. Anna and Josh Duggar’s relationship was put through major challenges in the mid-2010s. Josh Duggar’s sexual abuse scandal from years before was uncovered. Plus, several Ashley Madison accounts (Ashley Madison is a website for those looking to find an affair) were discovered in his name. Despite not getting divorced, some fans aren’t convinced that Anna still loves her husband. And some saw the pants as a way for her to defy what he would normally want for his family.

The couple has had a long road to rebuild their marriage, but some trust will likely never be regained

Anna and Josh attended marriage counseling for a couple of years in order to rebuild what he had destroyed. But the couple likely doesn’t believe in divorce, which means no matter how Anna feels toward her husband, she will be with him for life. But when someone breaks that trust, the relationship is almost never as strong as it once was. Although the two have come a long way since the scandals, fans think Anna hasn’t entirely forgiven him.

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