‘Counting On’ Fans Think Jill Duggar Looks Great During Her Time Away From Derick Dillard and Her Kids

We’re learning a lot about our favorite stars of TLC’s Counting On during Season 10. While we’ve been watching Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar navigate life with their 19 kids for over a decade, fans have become quite attached to favorites like Jessa, Jinger, and Jana. But there are a few Duggar family members who aren’t on the show anymore — and one of them is Jill.

Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard, are no longer featured on the series due to Derick’s homophobic and transphobic tweets he released in the past. But they still maintain a hefty Instagram following despite still receiving serious backlash for what they post.

Recently, Jill added a photo of herself with a friend, and she noted she spent the day all to herself. Oddly enough, fans seemed to love her time away from her family, and they even said she looked better than she ever has.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard receive a lot of backlash from their Instagram followers

Many Counting On fans would love to see Jill and Derick Dillard get back on the show — but since the couple’s no longer featured on the small screen, they’re keeping their fans updated via Instagram. Thanks to Jill’s social media, we get frequent posts about her relationship with Derick, her parenting tactics for her sons, Israel and Samuel, and of course, her famous recipes and blog post updates. While Jill has plenty of support, it’s hard to ignore the amount of hate she gets, too, however.

Jill shared with her followers how she was getting free and cheap food by dressing her family up for Halloween, and this certainly didn’t go over well. “Take the poor kids out trick or treating for some real fun, not just so you can get ‘freebies,'” one follower commented on her post. And this is far from the first time Jill and Derick have been called out for trying to attain free food.

Not only that, but Jill and Derick also get made fun of for their romantic posts on Instagram and their blog. The duo posted their advice to couples hoping to maintain a strong marriage, but it didn’t go over well.

And we can’t forget about Jill’s recipes. While Jill and Derick love their family meals, their followers are grossed out by the canned goods Jill uses to make her dishes.

Derick is making headlines again after recent Twitter activity

Derick hasn’t posted much to Instagram since October, but he recently caused a scene on Twitter. According to OK! Magazine, Derick claimed TLC and Jim Bob were making deals that led to the young adults and kids of Counting On to not get paid. Derick also claimed that TLC “begged” him and Jill not to quit the show, but the network didn’t want to talk to the couple regarding why.

As for Jim Bob, Derick told a Twitter follower that Jim Bob was the one making all the money and negotiating all the contracts for his kids without being transparent about it.

“Jim Bob should not be negotiating for the adult children and @TLC knows that,” one fan tweeted to Derick.

To that, Derick replied, “Yeah, but all @TLC is worried about is making that money, so if they can blame corruption on somebody else, but still get away with the benefits, then they’ll happily do so.”

Fans think Jill looks great after spending a day away from her family

As for what really went on with Jill, Derick, Jim Bob, and TLC, we may never know. But it looks like Jill is taking some time to herself in the wake of the drama. She posted a photo of herself with a friend while visiting Little Rock, Arkansas, to see Jessa. While Derick’s also on the trip with her, she mentioned in the caption of the post that she took the day to do her own thing.

“Didn’t get pics at all the stops, but it’s been a fun and relaxing, kid-free day so far!” Jill captioned the post. She then explained what she was up to after she dropped Derick off at a conference for the day.

“So happy you’re taking some me time!” one follower commented.

“Glad you had a good Saturday, you deserve it!” another wrote.

“You look beautiful Jill,” yet another added.

We’re hoping Jill feels refreshed after taking some time to herself! We’re sure we’ll see more updates about Derick and the kids soon enough.

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