‘Counting On’ Fans Think Jill Duggar’s Instagram Post of Her Grandma’s Funeral Is ‘Insensitive’

We’ve been watching the Duggars for years thanks to shows like 19 Kids and Counting and now Counting On. And while many of the older members of the family have married, moved out, and started families of their own, we still love keeping up with them via social media. Jill Duggar is one of the older members of the family and continues to be one of the most talked-about Duggars. From her parenting choices to her controversial husband, Derick Dillard, it appears Jill can’t escape criticism no matter what she posts.

Most recently, the Duggar matriarch, “Grandma” Mary Duggar, passed away. While all of the family members posted their respects on social media, it seems Jill’s getting the most flack — and her most recent post about her grandmother’s funeral is getting seriously slammed.

‘Grandma’ Mary Duggar recently passed away from accidentally drowning

It was a shock to everyone in the Duggar family when Mary Duggar recently passed. According to People, the matriarch was 78 when she slipped into a pool and drowned after church. As Washington County Coroner Roger W. Morris told the publication, “Duggar slipped and fell into the pool and drowned. Her daughter Deanna discovered her body and alerted authorities, who pronounced her dead at the scene.”

Not only did fans of the Duggars love her, but it’s clear her warm soul and Christ-like way of life also resonated with every single person in the family. As 29-year-old Jana Duggar wrote on her Instagram, “Grandma made a deep impact on each of our lives—first and foremost through her relationship with Jesus Christ, and secondly through her example of sharing the good news of salvation through Jesus with others!”

Jessa also paid her respects to her grandmother on her Instagram. “She would converse with you in a way that made you feel special and loved and cared about. She had a knack for remembering details, and the next time she saw you, she would inquire about things told to her in past conversations,” she wrote.

Fans slammed Jill for her initial tribute to her grandmother

Many of the Duggars who posted about Grandma Mary on their Instagrams received nothing but love from their followers — but such was not the case for Jill. Jill wrote an entire blog post about her grandmother on the Dillard Family blog and proceeded to promote it on Instagram. Unfortunately, fans assumed Jill would be making money off of the clicks generated from her followers clicking on the blog, and they weren’t happy about this.

As one of her followers commented, “You know, I wished your family the best on your last post but Jill, using your dead grandmother for money is just disgusting. You are stopping to a new low with this ‘link in bio!’ Business.” And another added, “Trying to flog your pathetic blog when a family member dies-classy [sic].”

Now, fans are unhappy with Jill’s recent posting of the funeral

Not only did Jill discuss her grandmother in multiple Instagram posts, but she recently added photos from the funeral service to the ‘gram, too. “Yesterday was a very hard, yet beautiful day. The service was lovely and very honoring to my Grandma and the one she loved more than anyone or anything else, Jesus Christ!” she captioned the photos. Jill then ended her caption with, “We’ll see you in heaven, Grandma! I know you’re enjoying your time with Jesus before the rest of us arrive!”

The service certainly looked beautiful — and while some of Jill’s followers were supportive of the post, others were quick to criticize Jill for not leaving private family matters private. “I’ll never understand why people post pictures of the gravesite and the casket. It should be a personal thing, not blasted on Facebook or etc…,” one of her followers commented. Another said, “Why would you put such an emotional and private moment online? are there no boundries in your family to what you share worldwide? [sic].”

Hopefully, Jill focuses more on nice comments than the negative ones. Whether she’s receiving high praise or negativity, there’s no doubt she’s still willing to share her life with her followers, which is commendable!

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