‘Counting On’: Fans Think Jill’s Kids are Desperate For Attention

Jill Duggar’s Instagram feed is a source of interest to critics of the supersized family. To be fair, the feed itself has a bit of a strange vibe to it. Between sponsored posts, and inedible food pictures, Jill takes to Instagram to share snapshots of her kids, and her life with her husband, Derick Dillard. While it might all seem reasonable, some fans have noticed that Jill’s two sons appear to be a bit desperate for the spotlight.

Jill spends a lot of time thanking her husband for typical tasks

Jill and Derick clearly want people to believe they are heavily invested in their marriage. The pair caused a stir when they each wrote a blog post about keeping the passion in their marriage alive. They also caused controversy when they posted a photo of the Kama Sutra.

Jil, in particular, spends a great deal of time thanking Derick for mundane tasks. Most recently she thanked her husband of five years for suggesting they eat outside. Fans have found the compulsive thank yous via social media to be unsettling. One Reddit fan has suggested that perhaps Jill’s posts indicate that she’s walking on eggshells in her home most of the time. While her overt attempts to make her marriage appear perfect to outsiders make some followers uncomfortable, others have taken notice of what doesn’t seem to be happening in the snapshot and videos shared by the family.

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Sam + french fries from papa

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In Jill’s most recent story, her young son, Israel is seen essentially begging for attention. Jill and Derick seem nonpulsed by the demands. It isn’t the first time the couple’s parenting has been called into question.

Does Jill and Derick’s son feel neglected?

Jill and Derick’s first-born son, Israel, 4, is seen in Jill’s most recent Instagram story hopping up and down. While the behavior is pretty typical of a four-year-old, both Derick and Jill seem utterly disinterested in what the kid is up to. He appears to be hopping in and out of view in a desperate bid to be seen. Jill, however, never pans the camera to her children; instead, she keeps it trained on her husband.

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“It’s for you mommy.” #flowersfrommyboys

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To be fair, Jill does seem to spend a reasonable amount of time catering to her two boys. As a stay-at-home parent, she handles their day-to-day needs and has even taken to educating the two kids herself. Jill might not be the issue here. Derick, on the other hand, seems to be a bit distant when it comes to his kids, in any case. Several photos posted by Jill depict the two young boys vying for the attention of their father while being (mostly) ignored.

Why is Jill desperate for Derick’s approval?

Some critics have suggested that Jill is not enjoying the wonders of motherhood as much as she likely thought she would, but that might not be what is causing the odd behavior on Instagram. Several critics believe that Jill is merely desperate for Derick’s approval and is utilizing social media as a means to gain it.

What’s causing Jill to act out in such a manner? It’s hard to say. It could be a holdover behavior from her childhood. After all, Jill is one of 19 children. She likely spent the majority of her childhood vying for the attention of her parents, siblings, and extended family. It’s also possible that the ultra-conservative Christian mother believes she’s acting per the belief system that was instilled in her from a young age.

Jill’s mother, Michelle, has stated repeatedly said that it is her goal to praise her husband, Jim Bob, in public. She, allegedly, saves any corrections or gripes for their alone time. Jill may be mimicking that behavior, but instead of merely doing it in day-to-day life she is using her online reach to up the ante.