‘Counting On’: Why Some Fans Think Jana Duggar’s Father Is Behind Her Courtship Rumors

Jana Duggar has always been the most mysterious Duggar family member. She has done things differently than her siblings — meaning she’s the only family member to be approaching 30 and still be single. However, there have been plenty of recent rumors surrounding a supposed courtship with Lawson Bates. And some Counting On fans think Jim Bob Duggar might be behind those rumors.

Jessa, Jinger, Jill, and Jana Duggar
Jana Duggar, far right, is the only adult Duggar daughter who isn’t married. | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Jana has battled various rumors about her love life in the past

Jana’s love life has been the center of a lot of discussion about the Duggar family in past years. This is because the Duggars live their lives very traditionally; when men and women become adults, they settle down, get married, and have children. However, for Jana, things haven’t worked out that way, which has led to plenty of rumors about the oldest Duggar daughter’s relationship status. There have been constant stories about whether or not she is courting, and some have even accused her of being a lesbian, though family members shut those rumors down.

Recently, there has been talk of her courting Lawson Bates

The Bates family is similar to the Duggar family in a few distinct ways. The Bates crew is also one of the largest families in the United States, and they are extremely religious. They have known the Duggars for a while now, and there have been rumors that Jana could be in a courtship with Lawson Bates, a 27-year-old member of the Bates family. He is the fourth child in his family, and though he is a bit younger than Jana, the two appear to have become great friends. But some think there is more to the story and that the two might actually be in a courtship.

Lawson Bates tends to leave flirty comments on Jana Duggar’s photos.

Some think Jim Bob Duggar is behind the rumors

The main reason for the Lawson/Jana rumors stems from the relationship the two have on social media. They’ve commented on one another’s photos on many occasions, and fans can’t help but think there is a spark. However, some believe that Jana’s father, Jim Bob Duggar, might be behind those rumors. One Reddit user suggested that Jim Bob was trying to create drama between Jana and Lawson in order to boost ratings for the show. “I think Counting On is getting close to being canceled and JB is throwing a Hail Mary,” one Reddit user wrote. “As in getting Jana married off.” The post received 154 votes, 97% of which agreed with the Reddit user’s theory.

It wouldn’t surprise anyone of Jana and Lawson were officially courting, however, some think Jim Bob cares more about the show staying on, which is why he’s doing his best to make the story between the two seem legitimate (sounds like a Kris Jenner move, no?). Fans then continued to discuss what the episodes would look like if Jana and Lawson did wed.

Other fans think Michelle and Jim Bob don’t want Jana to marry

Though some think Jim Bob is the one behind the courtship rumors, others think he actually doesn’t want Jana to wed. Jana has been a major help around the house now that Michelle is getting a bit older, and she’s also the one who teaches many of the younger kids their homeschool curriculum. It’s led a few to think that since Jana missed her marriage window (by Duggar standards only, of course), Jim Bob and Michelle have grown to like the idea of her sticking around. However, the theories about Jana’s love life are just that — theories. The families, nor their friends, have ever confirmed anything about Jana’s relationships or her parents’ intentions.