‘Counting On’ Fans Think Jinger Duggar Struggled With This Disease Growing Up

The Duggars do their best to sweep anything imperfect under the rug. That explains why they tried to cover up Josh Duggar’s sexual abuse scandal once they got their own show. And fans think that Jinger Duggar might be hiding something, too. Some believe Jinger struggled with her mental health growing up and think it may have led to an eating disorder. Here’s why people are convinced.

Jinger Duggar
Fans think Jinger Duggar, second from left, struggled with an eating disorder growing up. | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Jinger’s mother struggled with bulimia as a teenager

Michelle Duggar has said in the past that as a teenager, she struggled with bulimia. And she opened up to her daughters about her struggle, too. Plus, it was highlighted in “Growing Up Duggar,” a book about the family that was released in 2014. When Michelle was young, she became obsessed with the idea of staying skinny — so much so that it ended up controlling her life. She also said that her favorite sports, cheerleading and gymnastics, made her frequently compare herself to the people around her. It led her down a path that turned into a battle with bulimia.  

Fans think the Duggars have a lot of pressure on them to look a certain way

Although the Duggars are unlike most families, they still feel the pressure of fame the way other families do. The Duggars show up on our television screens weekly in their show Counting On, and they’re exposed to just as much criticism as anyone else. According to Reddit, fans feel that the Duggars have pressure to stay thin, since they’re in the spotlight in the same way other celebs are these days. Plus, there are so many of them, that it’s easy for one of them to feel she isn’t as pretty or as likable as the others.

Fans think Jinger had an eating disorder growing up

Reddit users suggest that Jinger, who grew up alongside her older sisters, Jana, Jill, and Jessa, might have also had an eating disorder the way her mother did. “I totally see it,” one user said. “The thinning hair, the tanner to cover her sallow skin, the coffee obsession… Makes it probable.” Fans think that Jinger used fake tanner to cover how pale and translucent her skin was. People also suggested that her sunken eyes were hidden by a ton of eyeliner and mascara. “… If she does have an eating disorder I really hope she can get counseling,” someone wrote.

Jinger’s disorder might have gone unknown in such a large family

People blamed a few things on Jinger’s possible mental health struggles. First, growing up in the spotlight could make anyone feel judged. Plus, Jinger grew up alongside Jessa, who is often regarded as the prettiest Duggar daughter. Jessa’s looks and personality may have taken their toll on Jinger and caused her to feel like she had to be a certain way. Plus, there were so many children to look after, that it would have been easy for something like an eating disorder to slip through the cracks when Michelle and Jim Bob are worrying about 18 other children. Eating disorders are easier to notice when you sit down and have meals with someone, but with so many kids at the table, Jinger may have been overlooked.

Jinger has never come out about having an eating disorder, nor has it ever been proven that she once did. It is only fans’ speculation leading them to believe that there might be more to her story.

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