‘Counting On’ Fans Think John David Duggar ‘Hasn’t Stopped Smiling’ Since Marrying Abbie Burnett

We’ve been keeping up with the Duggars for years, and it’s hard to believe how old some of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids are now. While we recall watching them grow up on 19 Kids and Counting, now, they’re sharing their marriages and families with viewers on Counting On. And fans are more interested than ever in married couple John David and Abbie Duggar.

Fans know what to expect out of a Duggar courtship, but John and Abbie chose to do things a little differently. And now that they’ve happily tied the knot and are living the married life, fans can’t help but note how elated John looks. Here’s what they’re saying about him.

John David and Abbie had more lenient rules while courting

The Duggars heavily believe in their fundamentalist Christian values, and that extends to their dating life. They’ve made it known that casual dating is not something they participate in. Instead, they “court,” which is dating with the purpose of figuring out if their partner is suitable for marriage. Not only do the Duggars choose to enter courtships, but these partnerships also involve absolutely no hugging, touching, or kissing until the two are married.

It seems John David was able to bend the rules with Abbie Burnett, however. While many of the Duggars enter courtships in their early 20s, John was already in his mid-20s and was able to go on dates unchaperoned with Abbie during his courtship, In Touch Weekly notes. Not only that, but an insider also claimed they saw John and Abbie touching in a romantic way.

John has also faced the issue head-on. As he revealed during an episode of Counting On, “We chose to be able to have some contact versus no contact. We felt it was appropriate for where we are in this stage of life.”

Fans suspect they may be ready to announce a pregnancy soon

It seems John David and Abbie knew they were right for each other from the very beginning. They entered a courtship shortly after the first meeting, and In Touch Weekly notes just 29 days into their courtship, they got engaged. Now that they’ve been married since late 2018, fans are starting to wonder what the next step for the couple is. Typically, the Duggars have children right after they’re married — and many believe John David and Abbie are getting ready to make an announcement.

Recently, the couple added this photo to Instagram where they look happier than ever. And fans think the positioning of John’s hands over Abbie’s stomach are giving a huge hint of what’s to come. “I thought this was a pregnancy announcement!” one fan commented — and many others echoed the same sentiment. So far, nothing’s been confirmed — but Duggar followers are waiting.

Fans also think John David looks happier than ever with Abbie

Whether they’re getting ready to announce a baby is on the way or not, fans can’t deny that no matter what the couple’s planning, they look truly happy together. “Look at those smiles!!! You can physically see the love between you two! God bless,” one fan commented on this Instagram photo. And another follower wrote, “Been watching the duggar family for years, I used to think John was a bit of a misery, now I know he needed to meet Abbie I have never dmseen anyone transformed so much by the love of a good woman [sic].”

Many others have also commented that John seems more animated and joyful than he ever has. On this recent photo, a fan wrote, “John hasn’t stopped smiling since Abbie came into his life!! I love it!!” Yet another added, “I have never seen you smile as much as you have since you met Abbie.”

Perhaps it’s true that John and Abbie are simply perfect for each other. And it may be a good sign that they’re not rushing to have kids after a quick courtship and engagement. No matter what they decide, they certainly have fan support!

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