‘Counting On’ Fans Think Joy Duggar Looks So Much Like Jessa in Her Recent Photo

The Duggar family is one of the largest families in the country. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have 19 children, all of whom were raised with very strict rules and values. For that reason, the family has piqued people’s interest, and they’ve starred in their own reality show on TLC since 2008.

Joy Duggar, the ninth child, recently met up with longtime friend Carlin Bates to meet Bates’ new little girl. And fans couldn’t believe how much she looked like Jessa.

Jessa, Jinger, Joy, and Jana Duggar
Fans think Joy Duggar, second from right, looks more like Jessa Duggar, left, than ever before | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Duggar and Bates have been friends for years

These two have been there for each other through it all. Duggar and Bates always recognize one another on their birthdays, and Duggar made sure to post some touching photos from Bates’ wedding when she got married last year.

When Duggar went through her painful miscarriage, Bates made the trip down to Arkansas (the Bates family resides in Tennessee) to comfort Duggar. She also did Duggar’s makeup so that she could have a photoshoot with the baby before having to say goodbye. 

Duggar recently got rid of her bangs

Last year, Duggar debuted a whole new look: She had bangs. Fans also noticed that her hair appeared much darker, though Duggar insisted she had not dyed it. Duggar, who had been blonde her whole life, now appears to be more of a brunette. As people age, their hair sometimes gets darker, which could be what’s happening in her case.

In a recent Instagram photo, Duggar no longer had bangs. It was a surprise, since she had only shown them to fans for the first time in November. But once she got rid of them, it immediately became clear that she looks so much like her sister.

Fans couldn’t believe her resemblance to Jessa Duggar

When fans saw the photos Duggar had posted alongside Bates, her appearance took away from the meaning behind the photos because people couldn’t get enough of how much she looks like her older sister, Jessa Duggar.

“I thought this was Jessa!” one user commented. “I thought you were Jessa at first glance!!” another person wrote. The comments section was loaded with people thinking Duggar looked like her older sister. One person even likened her to Jinger Duggar, another older sister, which we could totally see, too — their smiles looked the same. Duggar didn’t respond to any of the comments, but now that her hair is getting darker, the resemblance between her and her other sisters is becoming even clearer.

Some question when Duggar will announce another pregnancy  

Last year, Duggar went through a difficult miscarriage when she lost her baby at 20 weeks. Since then, fans have been wondering when she’ll announce another pregnancy. And the photos of her meeting Bates’ little girl had some fans questioning if she had baby fever.

Right now, Duggar and Forsyth don’t appear to be ready to announce a pregnancy. Losing their daughter probably took a large emotional toll on them, and they’ve likely used the past year to heal. Plus, if Duggar does get pregnant, she and Forsyth will probably wait quite a while before sharing their news with the world.