‘Counting On’ Fans Think Kendra Duggar is Trapped in Her Marriage to Joe

Kendra and Joseph Duggar have been married since 2017, and they appear to be following directly in the footsteps of Michelle and Jim Bob. The two wed at a very young age, and they’ve already welcomed their second child in no time. But some who follow the show are worried that Kendra isn’t as happy in her marriage as she wants the world to think she is.

Kendra and Joe Duggar
Kendra and Joseph Duggar | LittleDuggarFamily via Instagram

Kendra and Joe met through church

Joe and Kendra knew each other for years before things became serious between them. Joe is about three and a half years older than Kendra, so when they were young, there was nothing romantic between them. However, the two met through church and said they had known each other for about five or six years before they were married. Joe once revealed that they spent about six months talking before he asked her to enter into a courtship. But once they started courting, things moved quickly. Joe proposed to Kendra at Joy Duggar’s wedding in May 2017, and by September 2017, he and Kendra were married.

The two wed when Kendra was only 19

The Duggars tend to marry young, but Kendra took “young” to a new level when she married Joe as a teenager. Surprisingly, though, she isn’t the only Duggar to do this. Joy Duggar and Lauren Swanson (who is married to Josiah Duggar) were also teenagers when they tied the knot. Though it’s not uncommon to wed young, some have questioned the lifestyle choices the family members make. Marrying at such a young age hardly gives these women a chance to see who is out there; they’re taught that they need to marry young and become housewives, which isn’t always what they might aspire to be.

Some are concerned that Kendra isn’t actually happy in her marriage

Those who follow the Duggars tend to have two viewpoints: They either admire how the Duggar’s live their lives, or they’re confused by it. And some who don’t share the same views as the Duggars have questioned whether Kendra is truly happy in her relationship to Joe. One Reddit user suggested that she was “shackled” to Joe, insinuating she had no choice but to remain with him and obey him. “It might look good now but it won’t last,” another Reddit user said, referring to Kendra’s happiness.

Despite the speculation, there is nothing that confirms the theory

While some are concerned for Kendra’s happiness, others think that she and Joe have a good dynamic. “Kendra at least comes across as more likable than Lauren, and Joe seems to care about her,” one user wrote. Of course, Kendra’s supposed unhappiness in the relationship has never been confirmed, and it’s important to note that the opinions of Reddit users are only speculative. Joe and Kendra recently welcomed their second child, and some have suggested they might end up with more kids than Michelle and Jim Bob. Either way, that could be the life Kendra wants for herself, and who are we to stop her?