‘Counting On’ Fans Think Kendra Duggar’s Mom Is Pregnant Again Due to This Instagram Photo

The Duggars have graced our televisions for years thanks to shows like 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On. And while the focus used to be on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, fans have since become more and more interested in their kids. Many of the older Duggars (and fan favorites), like Jill, Jessa, and Jinger, are all married with families of their own, and even the younger Duggars are getting old enough to court and marry. And while we don’t often hear about Joe Duggar and wife, Kendra, they’re currently expecting their second child.

Kendra has quite an interesting history, and she’s been criticized by fans in the past for being too young to have multiple kids. She’s also been the center of drama due to her mother having more children, too. And it seems fans are questioning whether Kendra’s mom could be pregnant again due to an Instagram photo set.

Kendra Duggar’s mother just recently had her eighth child

Fans know Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have plenty of kids (and their children have talked about having big families of their own), but we don’t often hear about the in-law’s families. And it seems Kendra Duggar’s mother, Christina Caldwell, has quite a large family, too. The Hollywood Gossip reminds us that on the most recent season of Counting On, viewers got to hear about Caldwell’s eighth pregnancy, though it certainly wasn’t an easy time for the mom.

As Kendra explained, “My mom is 28 weeks along, and she has always struggled with each pregnancy after having me because she was in a car accident when she was 36 weeks along with me.” The Duggar went on to explain that every pregnancy since the accident has caused her mother to have contractions prematurely due to the residual damage. What’s even more interesting is that Caldwell and her daughter were also pregnant together — and since Caldwell is just 39 years old (she was born in 1980), that also makes her quite a young grandmother.

Kendra is also pregnant with her and Joe’s second child

While Kendra’s mother might be the center of some controversy and speculation, we can’t forget that Kendra is also expecting her second child with husband Joe Duggar. As they announced on The Duggar Family blog back in April, they’re anticipating another baby and couldn’t be happier with the news. “We are ready to double the fun at our house! Being parents has already proven to be a greater joy than we had hoped or imagined. We love getting to parent together and are loving every moment and milestone,” they wrote.

It seems Kendra and Joe have even more recent news regarding their baby, too — and that’s the gender. They revealed on Instagram that they’re expecting a baby girl. The couple’s even more excited to have their son, Garrett, who’s just over a year old, be a big brother to their new child.

Fans suspect Kendra’s mother is pregnant again due to these Instagram photos

It was back in March when the Counting On episode of Kendra talking about her mother aired, so by now, she’s certainly had her eighth child. It seems fans are starting to wonder if Caldwell is now pregnant again along with her daughter, too. Kendra and Joe recently posted photos from their hike they took with family — and it was in the comments section that fans speculated.

“Is Kendra’s mom pregnant again ?? [sic],” one fan commented on the photo. Yet another asked, “Is Kendra’s mom pregnant too?” And many others seemed to ask the same question.

Despite the questioning, other fans are doubtful she’d be pregnant again, however. As one fan commented, “she just had a baby a few months ago, so I highly doubt it.” Either way, the Duggars and Caldwells look extremely happy in the hiking photos — and we’re sure if Kendra’s mom turns out to be expecting once again, we’ll hear about it shortly.

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