‘Counting On’ Fans Think 1 Duggar Sibling Shows the Family More Love Than Their Parents Do

The Duggar family’s life has been showcased on TLC since their first reality television show, 19 Kids and Counting, premiered back in 2008. Though the original show was canceled in 2015 and replaced with Counting On after Josh Duggar’s sexual abuse scandal leaked, the family still has many dedicated fans.

Some who follow the show don’t think Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have given their children an adequate amount of love through the years. Fans do agree, though, that one Duggar sibling seems to have stepped up and been there for his brothers and sisters through it all.

The Duggar family
The Duggar family | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

The Duggar siblings were extremely close growing up

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar chose to raise their children very differently than most modern Americans. Though they were using birth control at one point, a miscarriage early in their marriage led Michelle and Jim Bob to ban birth control in their home. As a result, they ended up having 19 children in about 25 years (Michelle was once pregnant with baby no. 20, but she went through another miscarriage).

Michelle and Jim Bob homeschooled their kids, so the kids spent most of their time together growing up. The Duggar children met most of their other friends through church, but the siblings developed close bonds with each other from spending so much time in their home. Today, they’re still so close, despite many of them having married and started families of their own.

The Duggar siblings are still very close.

Some have criticized Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar for having so many kids

Though Michelle and Jim Bob are proud of their family, not everyone agrees with their decision to have so many kids. Some fans think the parents could not adequately care for so many children; when Jill Duggar once posted a “family recipe” to her Instagram, fans asked if she had been food insecure growing up because the meal was so inexpensive and not nutritious.

Others argue that 19 children made it nearly impossible to have a strong emotional connection with all of them. Many of the older siblings helped care for the younger siblings, and they might not have received the emotional affection from their parents that children crave at a young age.

Many think that Joe is the most caring member of the family

Fans have long thought that Joe Duggar has more compassion than most of his siblings; it’s generally viewed that Joe has a sweet, caring personality and is a good husband to his wife, Kendra. And some fans even think that Joe has shown more love for his siblings through the years than his parents have.

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Joe Duggar with his wife, Kendra, and their son, Garrett

In a Reddit thread, a video of Joy Duggar crying over her brother’s love and compassion had some suggesting it was the only love Joy truly received as a child. “He may lick plates clean but the sisters on either side seem to really love and value him,” one Reddit user said of Joe, making a joke about Kendra Duggar’s comment that he licks his plate clean. “I’m glad [Joy] had a brother who said ‘I love you’ and she felt safe around,” another user wrote.

Fans suggest Michelle and Jim Bob didn’t show enough love toward their kids

“I will never understand having so many kids that you won’t even make the effort to ask them about their damn day,” one user commented, suggested that Joe’s actions (asking his siblings about their day) had more of an impact on them than Michelle and Jim Bob did. “When your brother cares about you more than your parents,” someone added, referring to the video of Joy thanking her brother for loving her. It isn’t easy to handle 19 children, and many fear that the kids didn’t receive the attention necessary to help them grow and reach their individual potential. But thankfully, they do all seem to love their siblings very much.