‘Counting On’: Fans Think The Duggars Plan Their Weddings Around Ovulation

With news that Joe and Kendra are expecting their second child together, fans are weighing in on the Duggar family’s superhuman fertility. While Jinger Duggar waited a full year from her wedding to get pregnant with her first child; her siblings seem to be a lot quicker to start families. While the family’s super fertility could be coincidence, fans are beginning to wonder if they plan their weddings around ovulation to stack the deck for a honeymoon baby.

Which Duggar kids conceived on their honeymoon?

Kicking off a new “season of life,” the Duggar kids get down to business quickly. Not only do courtships last just a few months, but many of the family’s weddings have been thrown together within three months of the engagement ring being slipped on the lucky lady’s finger. From there, babies are very rarely far off.

Jill Duggar, who married Derick Dillard in June of 2014, welcomed her first child in April 2015. Their late June wedding and Israel’s early April arrival put conception right around their honeymoon. Jill and Derick aren’t the only ones to have started a family early into their marriage.

Joy-Anna raised eyebrows when she announced her pregnancy shortly after getting married. She married Austin Forsyth on May 26th, 2017. The couple welcomed their first child, Gideon, into the world on February 20, 2018; almost exactly nine months after their wedding date.

Joseph and Kendra Duggar followed suit. The pair, who wed in September 2017 welcomed their first child together 39 weeks later, according to In Touch. During their commentary on brother Josiah’s wedding, the pair quipped that honeymoon babies were a Duggar trend, which led fans to question whether or not the family took the time to plan their weddings around fertility.

Do the Duggars plan their wedding around ovulation?

The Duggar family has neither confirmed nor denied the allegations that they plan their weddings around ovulation, but that isn’t stopping fans from talking about it. Counting On fans discussed the likelihood of the Duggar’s planned fertility in depth on Reddit.

One fan noted that the number of honeymoon babies suggests the family is planning their honeymoons to include their most fertile days, likely in hopes of getting pregnant as soon as possible, but other fans question whether its just a coincidence.

According to one Reddit user, a desire to avoid having one’s period during the actual wedding day is not a phenomenon specific to the Duggar family. Add in long honeymoons, and it stands to reason that the Duggar family would have more than a few pregnancies announced shortly after the honeymoon.

Planning a wedding around menstruation isn’t all that uncommon

While the Duggar family may plan their weddings around when the bride is most fertile for procreation purposes, the idea of taking the menstrual cycle into account when wedding planning isn’t all that uncommon, and it isn’t unique to women in the ultra-conservative Christian sect.

According to Brides, many women actively plan their wedding around their menstrual cycle. While the Duggars appear to be planning around their actual fertile period, many brides keep their cycle in mind to avoid periods that are particularly difficult for them. For some brides, that may be their actual period, while others will plan around the week before menstruation.