‘Counting On’: Fans Think Joy-Anna Forsyth is Pregnant with Baby Number Two

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth have enjoyed a whirlwind romance. Not only did the pair court for just three short months before becoming engaged in 2017, but they also moved up their wedding date by five months and then quickly began having children. While the pair’s first child just turned one back in February, Duggar family fans believe that the young couple is preparing for baby number two. Duggar fans are a sharp bunch and seem to catch on to clues and hints pretty quickly, but you won’t believe precisely what has ignited pregnancy rumors for the 21-year-old Arkansas native!

Fans think Joy-Anna is wearing maternity clothing in recent Instagram posts

While Forsyth, 21, often appears in Counting On and is presumably paid for her time, she also seems to have a side hustle on Instagram. The industrious wife and mother offers sponsored content to her 700,000 followers. Most recently Forsyth has been working with Mountain Aire Boutique, a modest clothing retailer.

In her most recent sponsored post, Joy-Anna is pictured standing barefoot next to a horse. The dress she is wearing is a bohemian floral option, and while pretty, fans have noted that it looks like a maternity dress. In fact, when you check out the company’s website, the dress is listed under their maternity line.

Fans also believe the fact that Joy-Anna is barefoot in the photo is another hint. They think the snapshot is alluding to the concept of being “barefoot and pregnant.” Forsyth, for her part, has not responded to fans’ inquiries about a potential baby #2, but she did wait nearly four months to announce her first pregnancy.

Joy-Anna’s first pregnancy prompted speculation

Fans are excited about the prospect of a sibling for baby Gideon, but not too long ago people were questioning whether Joy’s first child was conceived before her wedding day. The ultra-conservative Christian began courting Austin Forsyth in 2017, and three months later the pair were engaged. While they had planned for an October wedding, they moved their marriage up by five full months.

Once Joy-Anna announced her pregnancy fans started to surmise that the young bride may have had a shotgun wedding. Joy gave birth to Gideon almost exactly 40 weeks from her wedding date and appeared to be measuring ahead of her alleged due date throughout the pregnancy. Counting On fans started putting two and two together from there. Joy and Austin have never commented on the allegations. 

Are the Forsyths planning a big family?

Austin and Joy-Anna have been open about their desire for a large family, but it doesn’t look like the couple is planning to have a family as large as the Duggars. According to Monsters and Critics, Joy and Austin seem to want five or six children. If they stick to that number, the pair could be done having kids before they reach 30.

While five or six might be the magic number for the pair, the number of kids they can have may be limited. Joy-Anna had a rather traumatic birthing experience with Gideon. According to People, Joy-Anna was rushed into an emergency c-section when it was discovered that Gideon was breech. He was born on February 23, 2017, at a whopping 10lbs 3oz.

Having a c-section increases the risks associated with subsequent pregnancies. According to Parents, it is recommended that women wait between 18 months and two years before they become pregnant again. Women who have had a c-section are also at a higher risk for requiring surgical intervention for future pregnancies.