‘Counting On’ Fans Want Jana Duggar and Lawson Bates to Have Children After Jana’s Recent Instagram Post

Fans of the Duggars have been keeping up with the huge family for years, and it’s hard to believe that Jana Duggar is already nearly 30 years old. She still lives under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof, as she remains unmarried and is willing to wait for the right man instead of rushing into anything that doesn’t work for her. That doesn’t mean she wants to be single forever, though. And fans would love to see Jana find her perfect man, as she’s certainly a fan favorite and seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

More recently, Jana joined Instagram, and fans have loved seeing her posts. And it seems one of her recent posts prompted many to express their feelings regarding her and Lawson Bates having children.

Jana just posted a photo of Jessa Duggar’s newborn baby girl

Multiple Duggar women are expecting children, and Jessa just gave birth to her third child and first baby girl, Ivy Jane Seewald. “We were getting ready for church when my water broke, and we were thinking ‘Well, I guess we have a change of plans!’ After three and a half hours of labor, Ivy was born at 5:57pm,” Jessa wrote on her family blog. And all of the Duggars are expressing just how excited they are that little Ivy is here.

Jana added her own photo of Ivy to share with her followers, too. “Welcome to the world little Ivy Jane Seewald! So excited for you Jess and Ben…. your first little girl!” she captioned the post. And many took to the comments to express just how much Ivy looks like Jinger’s daughter, Felicity.

Lawson Bates commented on the photo, and fans went wild

Out of everyone who commented on Jana’s photo, fans took particular notice when Lawson Bates added his feelings. “So stinkin’ adorable!!” he added — and it’s certainly not the first time he’s commented on Jana’s Instagram photos. Lawson is 26 years old and is also famous for being part of a huge Christian fundamentalist family and having 18 siblings. The Bates and the Duggars are ultra-close and have a ton in common — and it appears both Lawson and Jana are single, too.

As one of Jana’s followers commented on what Lawson said, “@lawbates please get married so you can have some adorable babies.” Another echoed the same sentiment with, “that’s what I’m saying! He and Jana would make beautiful babies!!”

There’s been tons of speculation that the two were romantically linked in the past

We know Jana’s courted men in the past, but she remains tight-lipped on who the men in question were. Because of how private the older Duggar is, it’s led many to believe she was also secretly courting Lawson at some point as well. And Lawson’s flirty Instagram activity didn’t help, either. People reminds us Jana posted a photo to her Instagram of her nephews looking at a phone, and Lawson commented, “So tech savvy.”

While many hoped Lawson’s Instagram comment was a secret sign he was courting Jana, Jessa shut it all down. Jessa noted that just because Jana now has an Instagram doesn’t mean she’s in a relationship, and she even flat-out commented on the social media platform, “She’s not in a relationship.” She did, however, add that she’d happily accept applications for potential suitors for Jana. “But if anyone is interested, please send all applications to me. I will check them out thoroughly,” she wrote.

Perhaps Lawson and Jana really aren’t romantically linked and instead remain good family friends after all. Every time Lawson comments on Jana’s Instagram, however, fans are sure to notice — and we’re sure this past time won’t be the last, either.

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