‘Counting On’ Fans Want Jana Duggar to ‘Have a Life’ and Move Out of Her Parents’ House

We know the Duggars quite well thanks to their tenure on reality TV. And while Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are the ones who catapulted their kids to stardom in the first place, it’s the older Duggar kids who have carried on the legacy and kept the family in the spotlight. Thanks to shows like 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On, we’ve gotten to see everyone grow up over the years — and many still have questions for Jana Duggar.

Jana is 29 years old and still lives under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof. While many are supportive of her decision to wait to move out until she’s married, others are encouraging her to start her life outside of the home now before she hits 30. Here’s what her followers are saying.

Jana is currently unmarried and living at the Duggar family home

The Duggars are known for their brief courtships, young marriages, and big families. While Michelle and Jim Bob are known for having 19 children of their own, courting and having children has been a huge topic of conversation for their kids on all of their TV shows. All of the Duggars believe in traditional gender roles — and for this reason, it’s important for the woman in a relationship to have kids, provide for the husband, and take care of the home. Jana, however, is going against all of these norms by remaining single at 29 years old.

That doesn’t mean Jana has no desire for companionship, however. Just like her siblings, Jana believes her fate is in God’s hands, and she’ll find someone who’s perfect for her when it’s meant to be. Until then, she’s not stressing over it. As a source told Radar Online, “Jana doesn’t want to be like a lot of others that just go out and get married and end up in a relationship that is negative. … She’s content with whatever the Lord wants for her.”

Some have theorized that her parents are keeping her hostage

It makes perfect sense that Jana doesn’t want to rush into a relationship and marriage she’s not passionate about, but others seem to think something more sinister could be amiss. There are plenty of Duggar kids still at home, and some fans have suggested that Jim Bob and Michelle actually want Jana to remain unmarried so the oldest daughter can help care for the young ones. The Hollywood Gossip notes one fan wrote, “I just don’t think her parents will ever allow her to court anyone until the little ones are more independent. She is their primary care giver. Michelle isn’t going to let that go.”

Not only that, but Jim Bob and Michelle are getting older, and others have theorized that Jana may end up taking care of them in their old age, too. The Hollywood Gossip added that the youngest daughter, Josie, still has 11 more years until she’s 18 — and that puts Jim Bob and Michelle into their 60s as well. Hopefully Jana will find a man to marry so she can move out before the youngest is of age.

Fans want her to move out and find her own way

Jana is a fan-favorite, as she seems to be loving, caring, and independent. For that reason, fans want to see her flourish with or without a husband — and they’re pushing her to move out. As one of her followers commented on her Instagram, “She is nearly 30. Her parents are controlling her life. Enjoy life. God gave you free will. If she has a life outside her parents. If they raised her well. She won’t get into wild dancing, kisses boys, or having a life outside of making babies. I hope she takes a leap of faith, and has a life [sic].”

Yet another commented on an Instagram photo of Jana’s garden and suggested the Duggar daughter move out. “So sad… almost 30 years old, unemployed, no post secondary education, living at home and sharing a bedroom with a bunch of much younger siblings [sic],” they wrote. “Time to grow up and become a fully functioning adult who actually has to live in the real world and pay their own bills! There are people that can help you if you need help escaping!”

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